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I do belive the picture below belongs to you. Thank you for returning finaly. We all have never stopped needing you especialy now days. I waited a long time for this personaly. A breif introduction of myself:
I have been trained by some of the best and brightest in the pediatric cardiolagy and pulmonolagy field which is a rare thing for this. I spent 5 years learning it hands on daily non-stop. I am a member of many Anonymous groups both on the surface web and deep web in many various ways and i take these matters the most serious of all. In the coming moths, if this group builds momentum and structure i will attempt to invite like minded people and advocates in various other comunitys i am aware of if that is acceptable. I have much to share and contribute but typicly remain silent so me saying this now is extreamly rare.
Again, i sincearly thank you for your return. Its overdue.
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