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Hi Foodies today i am sharing the recipe of Sugar Free Indian Dessert Mango Burfi which is yummy in taste & good for health. Sugar-Patients like to eat this sweet dish. below are ingredients of this recipe.
40 Thinly Sliced Almonds
8 Tsp Sucralose
2 Cup Mango Pulp
1/4 Tbsp Clarified Butter
4 Liters Milk
1/8 Tsp Crushed Alum
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Virgin Pina Colada is healthy & soulful mocktail. below are required ingredients.
20 Crushed Ice
4 Cup Vanilla Ice Cream
16 Tbsp Chopped Pineapple Chunks
16 Tbsp Thick Coconut Milk
16 Tbsp Shredded Tender Coconut Flesh
700 Ml Unsweetened Pineapple Juice
Few Cherries
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What type of human are you?
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Everything eater

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Your +Vegan Fallacy Is NEEDS Translators!

Would you like to help spread the vegan message to cultures all over the world? If so, the Your +Vegan Fallacy Is project, at, would love to chat with you!

As you might well imagine, there's quite a bit of effort involved in getting the translations up to speed. In addition to the thirty (or so) fallacies already up on the site, we're rolling out one new one every other week. After that, there's the text for the site itself. This includes the site header and the other various bits of text and labels, and also the five "user help" pages (e.g. About Us, Support Us, etc.). We've also been translating resource memes and pictures on the site in to various languages. However, don't let all this daunt you: all of the text for these are well delineated on shared google spreadsheets that are easy to get to and work with, I promise!

In particular, we're looking for volunteers who:

* already presently self identify as vegan;

* natively speak (and write) a language where vegan advocacy is needed (i.e. all of them -- English included!);

* have completed some level of university level education or have done some manner of professional translation work in their past (i.e. because we want to maintain an erudite tone throughout the site in all languages).

If this seems like a good match for you, then we'll be thrilled to have you on the team. Alternatively, there's work to be done fleshing out the details for upcoming fallacies (we have around a hundred of them in the queue). In any case, to get started on things, all you need do is create an account on the YVFI site at and we'll reach out to you to arrange a good time for a private google hangout to show all this to you; of possible interest, we're in the ADT timezone (i.e. Nova Scotia; GMT-3), but we're pretty flexible on this end, and we've been successfully working with people all over the world on this, so I'm confident we could figure out a schedule that works well for all. =oD

So what are you waiting for?! Drop us a line!

#yvfi #vegan #fallacy #volunteer

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Best Calorie Counter

 I have been on the search for a website to count Calories for a while.   I have been searching for the best calorie calculator with it also able to keep them in a dairy format as well. Cronometer (clcik here to use it now) is one of...  The post  Best Calorie Counter  appeared first on .  

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We've added an awesome collection of Bizarro comics to the "Our Early Ancestors Ate Meat" fallacy at -- enjoy! Note that the one shown is the first of several more on the page.

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This amazing video was written and composed by Sean Down (of "Rational Compassion" on youtube; and animated by +Thomas van den Heuvel (of It takes a look at animal rights issues through the lens of how Laika (the canine forced-cosmonaut) was treated, and then neatly connects this to our contemporary challenges. It is a brilliant piece of advocacy work, and is not to be missed.

WARNING: there's brief GRAPHIC FOOTAGE towards the end of the piece.

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So much truth! =o)
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