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lil azzy the fluffbuns awahhh he's su kawaii

I'd rather watch the Ghostbusters 2016 movie on loop again and read fanfics than just do nothing but be sexist. I frickin LOVE gay holtzy.

here's a challenge for all y'all ghostbusters fanatics:

Holtztober: October

Holtztober Challenge: write a fanfiction everyday in October until Halloween, the theme of holtztober is to write Halloween themed fanfics like for an example:

Holtzmann dares Erin to a candy eating contest, the loser has to kiss someone. You pick who wins and loses.

Holtzmann meets a ghost when driving back to the HQ and the ghost is a ( insert Halloween ghost here). Can be vapor, spirit or some ghost oc of yours. don't make the oc a OP ghost. how about a class 1,2, or 3.

Holtzy has to design a costume for someone. ends up making out with (patty,Abby,or erin). Pick someone. I recommend Erin, because of course holtzbert.

Erin is injured/slimed once again. With Holtzy. This time it is something different. ( slime can be mood slime, or some slime you can make up. must be not overpowered and please describe it at the end of the story/page/one shot.)

Holtzmann drives in a car going to a mission. But eventually gets spooked by a special someone.can be Erin Abby or Patty.

Group goes on a mission about some ghosts causing havoc. Holtzy ends up accidentally kissing a ghost/corporeal bring. ew. probably would not be the best idea but who cares. welcome to holtztober.

another one:

Patty's Experience

This is mainly about Patty's experience with busting. write 10 or more fanfictions in Patty's view. Can be about what she experienced in the movie or something that is post/before the movie. Can include OCs but not too many, I recommend maybe 1 or 3 characters, so ye. No Overpowered/marysue OCs please.


Patty is in the MTA. She sees people go by, but never seen any person/people that pretty/handsome. can be outside or inside. Uses OCs.

A guy flirts with Patty. She can: send him away ( to the outside world!) or just ignore. Can be used with OCs.

After the apocalypse of ghosts, Patty is reading history books
/ newspapers in the new HQ and then reads something that Holtzy never knew and didn't say at the toast. ( can be a. Holtzy had a sister/brother, b. Holtzy ran away from her family or c. The OC is Holtzy's Sister/Brother. Can be used with OCs.)

Some months after the warfare of ghosts, Patty is coming home from busting. While driving, a ghost spooks her. Can be Ghost OC, cannot be overpowered.

Mike Hat's turn!

Mike Hat's Adventures

We're at it again! The aim is to write as many fanfics as you can in a month, can be a oneshot,twoshot, or maybe a full on story!And you can change the ghostbusters dog species, I chose a corgi for holtz.maybe possibly. You can make as many fanfics as you want and you can possibly ship them with mike hat..?



Mike Hat is running down the sidewalk and the GB is chasing after him. They magically turn into dogs! You choose what is next.

Mike Hat has ran away from Kevin's home, and approaches Erin's appartment. She turns into a dog! You choose what is next.

Kevin is walking Mike Hat home, until Kevin suddenly lets go of the leash because of something he was interested with.Mike Hat runs away to Abby's Apartment, and Abby comes after work to see she's a dog now!You choose what is next.

Patty is reading some history books, when Mike Hat runs through the open door,and she sees that she's a dog now! You choose what is next.

Holtzy is busy in work listening to 90s/80s music, when Mike Hat pops up from the stairs!Mike Hat comes up to her,and poof she's a dog now!You choose what is next.

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you got mail!

you got mai-

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don't disturb me while reading fanfictions.

holtzbert is love

holtzbert is life

holtzbert is FAM
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