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Good evening everyone

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Name: Cecil Moonlace
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Age: 25
Appearance: Silver hair and blue eyes, pale scarred skin.
Job: Security guard
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Name:'' My name is Lukas Blitz.. Not that you care...''
Age:'' I think I'm 27...''
Personality:'' I am Trustworthy, Fair but Self Critical ''
Extra:'' I think I have scitzophrenia.. ''
Appearance:'' I have brown hair, and brown eyes.. But I cover it with a skull mask, so you wouldn't know.. I usually wear a purple hoodie and black jogger bottoms and black trainers. ''
Bio:'' I don't remember much, but I was born in an almost perfect life.. It all changed when I turned 13, I started to have hallucinations after finding some note in the woods. I was bullied at school, for being the crazy guy in the back of the classroom. I ran off into the forest at age 16.. I was caught by the police and left here..''
Species:'' I'm a Human.. Duh. ''
Weapons:'' I normally use a dagger I made from a bone I found in the woods. I also use poison if I'm angry.. ''
Gender:'' I'm clearly a male.. ''
Sexuality:'' You might say I'm as bent as a round about.. Ha ha... '''
Reason for being in asylum:'' The medical staff say I have schizophrenia, and think that the note I found triggered an obsession.. Yeah right... ''
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Lukas would walk out of a doctors room after a medical check-up. He wasn't paying attention, and walked into you. You... (OPEN)


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you see me stuck in a hole help

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I might have fallen deep, but I will rise! evil laughs go through the hallway
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