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Happy Wednesday!!!

You've got a great coach on a great team. Our team is the #1 team in the entire Team Beachbody Network. The Dream Team!  I truly have felt that providing quality new coach training is THE MOST important thing you can do for your business!  Because I put the training first we have created a system of duplication that has caused coaches to go from novice to expert in ½ the time that I did as a new coach! Exciting stuff right! Knowing you have access to all of my information, tips, curriculums, scripts and more!

We are one of the most successful and fastest growing teams in Beachbody. We work together, help support your groups in the early days to get them going, keep them active, and answer questions that you may need assistance with. We have a coaches-only group that is your go-to place for any questions you may have or support you may need. You are allowed to use any documents, contests, information, posts, etc. that any of us coaches have used and use them as your own. This allows for LITTLE leg work in the beginning and allows you to focus on building your team as the details are taken care of. Duplication is what works!

Not only is all of the training material online but, we have monthly groups to keep you growing and achieving growth in your business.
You will receive online and over the phone training with your coach, as well as access to our exclusive Team training website, developed by the top coaches in the business, who also so happen to be on our team. You are in good hands. Your coach will help you every step of the way. We were all clients at one time and we have duplicated what our coaches did to ensure success.

Today's video is Diamond Coach Jamie Okopal who works full time as a nurse anesthetist and has 2 boys.

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**Decision Day**
You made it!
By today, some of you have already said, "I'm doing this!" and have joined or will join our team of coaches! And some of you may come to the conclusion that this is not for you. And that is A-OK! That's the purpose of this group, to help you decide what is best for you. We hope by this point you have most or all of your questions answered.
You have met new friends in here, and we encourage you to build upon those relationships. None of us would be here without the friendships we've developed in coaching. Please, reach out to your personal coach and let him or her know what your thoughts are.
Today is an invitation to make a decision. Personally, becoming a coach has been the most rewarding opportunity that many of us have encountered. When that first client tells you that you have made a difference in their life, or that first paycheck comes through, those moments validate why you decided to become a Team Beachbody Coach.
Thank you for being a part of our workshop, and we hope that you will join us in our mission to End the Trend!
We hope to see many of you in our coach apprenticeship group that starts this week!

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If you are interested in moving forward as a coach on the DREAM TEAM the next step is to complete the application below.
Make sure to fill in the coaches name that referred you to this group!

We are going to be starting our new coach apprenticeship program and we want to make sure that YOU get first dibs!!

Have a wonderful SUNDAY and I hope to see you all on our team call tomorrow night as brand new coaches!

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So many of you are probably wondering how do i sign up to be a coach… 
First of all...  
You do not need to purchase Shakeology to become a Coach. The Coaching fees are set at $39.99 to start up (waived for Active military or with Challenge Pack purchases) and are $15.95 a month after that. This monthly fee covers the hosting and maintenance of THREE websites Beachbody provides, access to your Online Office, and an online Subscription to Success Magazine. The $39.99 sign-up fee covers the start up cost for the websites and a Business Starter Kit for you, and shows Beachbody that you're serious about the coaching opportunity. People that invest in themselves are that much more likely to succeed because of their investment. 

MOST coaches do, however, use Shakeology daily, being that true product of the product. You get it at a 25% discount, plus this makes you an "Active" ranked Coach. Becoming Active is a rank advancement that opens you up to opportunities such as qualifying for success club, bonuses, and starts your coaching off on the right foot. 

NOTE: If you or your SPOUSE is active military, Beachbody takes great pride in rewarding our soldiers by waiving all start up cost and coach fees. It's a simple way to give back and say THANK you for everything you do! 
So, in summary, there are 3 options for becoming a coach, and you can chat with your coach about what works best for you. 
Option 1 is to become a coach for the $39.99 sign-up fee and that's it. Again, while this would make you a Coach, you would be "inactive"...meaning you are ineligible for commissions and incentives. (You need 50 points of "volume" to become active). 
Option 2 would be to become a coach for $39.99 and order Shakeology at the time of sign-up. This would make you active and eligible for all commissions and incentive programs. The Shakeology WOULD be discounted 25% at the time of sign-up. 
Option 3 would be to sign up with a Challenge Pack. This WAIVES the $39.99 sign-up fee to become a coach, and gives you a fitness program AND Shakeology at a significant discount. As far as "Bang for your Buck," this is the way to go.

 Michael Gowan Diamond Coach

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Good evening!!!  This is one of my favorite coach success stories. Nicole started a challenge group multiple times before she committed, completed the program and signed up to be a coach! She is rocking her business and it all came down to a decision!

Listen to her story.... does this sound like you?

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Good Morning!!!  I hope you have been enjoying all of the information we have been sharing this week!

How do you succeed?
 In the beginning, it's important to note that this is a business. Your service is valuable, just like teachers, counselors, trainers, nurses, the list goes on and on. We help people because we care, but we shouldn't feel guilt that the service we provide is worth something. Because it is! It's very valuable! YOU are very valuable and you have a lot to offer. Though it rarely feels like work, you make your own schedule and you have FUN 90% of the time.. the fact is, the business side of it can be frustrating if you aren't moving as quickly as you like. It's important to remember that consistency is KEY, having an "I WILL DO THIS" attitude and overcoming any hurdles in your path will be your saving grace.
I've also noticed, the coaches that keep in contact with THEIR coaches, keep them up to date, and actively participate in the Coaches-Only Group are the coaches that end up having the strongest teams, the continued growth, and end up REALLY making a difference in this business. Those that teeter around, can't commit 100% and don't keep in contact with their coach struggle. Remember to ALWAYS include your coach in what you're going through. If you're struggling in certain areas TELL THEM! We guarantee your coach has dealt with AND overcome exactly what you're going through. Otherwise they wouldn't be where they are. It's up to YOU to communicate with your coach and ask for help when needed. We do our best to keep track of your progress, help you with your goals, and support your team groups, but it requires you keeping us informed on where you are and what you need. Don't be SHY!
Coaching can sometimes be a roller coaster ride, and if you can keep that focus and your "WHY" in the headlights, you will be able to overcome anything that comes up. The trials that we face as coaches are nothing compared to the triumphs. The trials come not from lack of dedication, motivation, or determination but because some of this business relies on other people. Having patience is a coveted virtue and something that we all need to work on continually as we help our customers change their lifestyles. It's not an overnight process to change your entire diet/exercise habits just like coaching isn't an overnight success all the time. The reality is, if you decide to commit, you will succeed!

Check out Kathleen Petulla, Diamond coaches video:

Hi ladies. My name is Amber. I am checking into coaching for the 2nd time, but now with a different team. My last experience coaching felt like I was signed up and then left to fend for myself. I have been following Melanie and various other coaches and feel this team offers solid coaching support. Can someone please speak to developing a broader base of contacts? My warm contact list does not, at this time, express much interest in fitness/clean eating, or they are very satisfied with what they currently are doing. Much of my apprehension for coaching is anxiety over developing contacts. Melanie, I heard you yesterday on the wake up call and I loved what you shared about "jabs" I feel like that makes a lot of sense and I can see how that would have a great effect on building trust and contacts. Thanks!


One of the biggest fears people have about becoming a coach is that they don’t want to become a salesperson or be pushing products on friends and family members. I TOTALLY hear that! Nobody wants to be a salesperson. However, coaching isn’t about that. Coaching is about sharing what works for YOU with other people so that they can get healthier too and inspiring them through your actions everyday--which is a win win for you because you become a HEALTHIER/happier version of yourself!

Today listen to this National Wakeup Call with Michelle Myers on how “sharing is selling”.

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So you probably wondering how would we be able to leave out nursing, social work, and medical sales careers in 6-8 months…. While 25% commission is something that is important as well as a big part of your paycheck in the beginning, as you begin to advance in rank you'll quickly discover that the team bonuses are what makes up the largest percentage of your check. Team bonuses are calculated by what other coaches on the team are producing. This is great news for you because of the amount of growth our team is experiencing. (Being on the TOP 2 teams of BEACHBODY has AMAZING Perks)
Our ability to put coaches under you to help you bonus more quickly takes the pressure off having to make sales to make money. Another beautiful bonus of working for Beachbody. There are also various incentive programs such as Success Club which further increase earning opportunities and count toward many of our reward trips and vacations. Many of us earned a 5 day Caribbean cruise in March and next year we are headed to Cancun! Will you be joining us?

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You are here because you are curious about coaching, and/or your personal coach noticed qualities in you that stand out to be those that make great coaches.
We just want to get to know you better, get to know your goals, so we can see if coaching can help you meet those. It's natural to be excited, but also hesitant, when starting something new. Over the next five days you are going to hear from some top coaches in the Dream Team and how coaching has not only helped changed the life of our challengers but, how coaching has changed our lives too!! 
This job is all about helping other people succeed. We are a team that is here to truly and deeply just help other people get healthy and in shape. We focus on our challengers getting results by teaching them clean eating, meal planning, meal prep, and giving them daily support and accountability. Your success is not related to selling things to others… it is ALL about HELPING other people succeed!
We are a very unique team in Beachbody for this reason. We run a lot of free groups and are always sharing information of value to improve the lives of others. Even if you are not familiar with clean eating or meal planning now you soon will be. Our priority is to lead from the front… focusing on our own health and fitness first so that we can share our knowledge with others. Coaching will keep you accountable to your own health and fitness goals.
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