Thank you for inviting me +Ezra DaLion

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Name: Fluttershy
Age: I don't know anymore
Gender: Female
Species: pony/lion/wolf
Home: I'm a pridelander
Rank: princess of kindness
Mother: unknown
Father: +Jesse Hoots
Mate: +Sora the keyblade wielder
Cubs: Jason. The rest of my children are ponies, draconequui and a wolf pup.
Bio: was born a Pegasus then got turned into an Alicorn and since then learned how to turn into a lion and wolf when I want.
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Name: Frostine
Age: 1- 1 1/2
Gender: Female
Species: Lion
Rank: a member of +kovu the bad boy lion guard
Mother: unknown
Father: unknown
Bio: was from the backlands but was chased out by a leopard so ended up in the outlands and was raised by Zira until I was almost so weak I couldn't stand and now live alone in the pridelands.
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Thanks for inviting me

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Hi guys

I decided to be a most favorite lion king charecter of mine.

I'm Kovu I got strong love for Kiara who is to become queen of the pridelands!

I love roleplaying feel free to roleplay with me anytime you want guys!

For me I'll roleplay anything Lion king realated The lion guard counts if it is the lion guard episode Lions of the outlands only episode with Kovu hopefully he and the outsiders return in the lion guard I'll even roleplay if you want to this really good lion king series betrayel and revenge to me it is a really good series! made by a youtuber who is also an online friend of mine we are friends me and youtuber Kiara LionessTM { Kiara Fray fairchild } her series is really good here is a playlist to the series check it out It's really good!

Hi guys for my own charecter

I am Kevin

A pridelander I am a cub.

Favorite color red.

He is the newest kid of Simba and Nala.

His friends he got lion friends named Jayden , Troy , Tyler , Brody and Tommy one of his lions friends is a nice outsider that I love name Hayley I know that my outsider friend has good in her.

He likes having fun , Hanging with friends likes the good guys as friends.

Dislike bad guys like Janja and his Hyenas.

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Hi guys this is a charecter I got for me

My name is Hayley.

Gender female.

I am a cub.

I am an outsider but I am a pretty nice one.

I love and want to have my pridelander lion friend Kevin he is the newest kid of King Simba and Queen Nala as I know. Me and Kevin get along pretty well as I know sadly we can't hang out much my family don't like the pridelanders and The pridelanders don't like the outsiders so we can't hang out as much as I want to with Kevin.

I got brothers Kovu , Nuka and Thunder.
one sister Vatani.

My Mother is Zira.

Scar is kind of my Father he is not my real Father.


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" Africa is wild, don't chance it "
" Don't play in the Outlands kits "



{Name Meaning:}

Morning Sun


25 years old




West Africa Lion

{Pridelander/ Outlander}



~ Hunting with other lionesses
~ Sleeping on a sunning rock
~ Sunset
~ The shade of the trees


~ Hunting with the male lions
~ Rainy days
~ Dawn
~ Poop Piles



She is very high for her age and species, normally she is a little taller than the male lions. She enjoys being taller though, she can see more things that other lionesses. But her height cause her some down, she can be seen more in the tan tall-grass when hunting for gazelles


129 pounds, 58.50 kilograms

{Eye Color:}


{Paw Pads:}


{Nose Color:}

Dark Tan




Dark Grey, Under-belly Tan

{Physical Description:}

She has muscles under her dark grey pelt, she has a normal cut just like every other lionesses


{Zodiac Sign:}





~ Never getting enough food for the Queen and King
~ A drought
~ Outlanders stealing the Prideland food
~ The Queen and King die off and have no offspring


When hunting, she trying to be most serious. Even though she can't hunt well cause of her height, she tries though. Now and then getting a gazelle or even the smallest vole

She is normally bold, she likes to sometimes laugh in the muzzle of danger. Which isn't good, if the event is **very* serious*

Not even the most serious cat, can't be curious. Like they say "Curiosity kills the cat."

When she was a kit till now, she has been playful. She enjoys a good scuffle between her another lion or lionesses


{Fighting Skill:}




{Swimming Skill:}

4 1/2/10

{Running skill:}












Addae would fight to her death protect the Pridelands from dangerous invaders and to protect her Queen and King of the Pridelands




8 1/2/10



{Worst trait:}

Being tall, she can't hunt well cause of such height even in the tall grass. And even some of the kits make fun of her tallness

{Best trait:}

Being able to be bold through whatever the wild Africa throws at her.

{Favorite food:}

She would have to think very hard to select her favorite food, but she would go with gazelles

{Least favorite food:}

It doesn't take long for a cat or even human to think of this, she would have to say slimy fish. But if she had to eat them to survive she would eat them


Addae had been one of the tallest kit in her group, it was hard for her to walk around being so tall at her age. And since she was tall she had big paws for her age, at one time her parent thought about abandoning her out in the Outlands, but after she showed her parents that she caught a pulp rabbit they deiced not to do such a thing


falls in Africa, and has a creature on my head Ah!!!! Get it off! Get it off get it off! GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!!!!

Name: Bradley

Age: 21

Species: Regular Cheetah

Personality: Nice, kind, shy, and fast.

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