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Women reach for organic food, natural skin care, clothes with natural fibers, even natural hair pieces.
But how many of us actually think about natural sanitary protection?
Unlike the other brands, Veeda brings more transparency to the feminine care industry, we stop the mystery ingredient madness,  we'll always tell you what's in our tampons (100% cotton!)

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#OTs.....Abacus Healthcare's #assistive baths will be part of the NEW #Paediatric Trail at this year's The OT Show 26/27 Nov 2015, NEC

For more details click here:

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Occupational Therapists (OTs): Six Tips to Improve Bathroom Safety Design

It may be the smallest room in the house, but the bathroom is the most dangerous one in the home.

This is due to a blend of complex activities (occupations), restricted space, humidity and its wet environment – the combination of which can lead to accidents and injuries.

Occupational Therapists (OTs) can help design safety features for bathroom layouts and also choose the appropriate products to meet the client’s needs, avoiding potential injuries.

When designing a bathroom, a client’s unique goals should be prioritised. OTs need to involve their clients in the decision-making process regarding layout and products, while clearly explaining why certain design features or specific products are being recommended.
Below are six tips to safer design in the bathroom, from the simple to the complex:

1. Flooring
Always recommend R10 (1) rated slip-resistant flooring, reducing potential slips and falls.  Remember that slip-resistant flooring does not always have to be ‘lino’; there are some excellent R10 rated tiles which can create a less institutional look.
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The New Care Ac 2015 - What is Well-Being?

The new Care Act is set to modernise the welfare system and bring social care legislation into the 21st century.

In this exclusive article for Abacus Healthcare, Kate Sheehan, and Occupational Therapist with over 28 years of clinical experience takes a look at 'well-being', which has been made the focus of social care provision.

Kate asks 'What is well-being' and how will it affect individuals and OTs.

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Become a life saver - Volunteer as a Community First Responder

We are looking for people to volunteer and help their local community by becoming a community first responder.

If you live in the Enfield, Edmonton or Haringey areas and would like to found out more about what we do, then come along to our information evening on the 10th February 2015 at St John Ambulance Training Centre, Shirley Road, Enfield, EN2 6SB from 7pm.

Please email

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There is still time to register, whether you're a doctor or patient! 

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Is publishing #surgeons results a good idea?
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