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Welcome to the community, I am your host/owner of the community, Vergil. I am the Son of Sparda, which you probably already know if you have played Devil May Cry. This community is for those interested in Demons or demon hunting media (Anime/Manga/Video Games/etc.). If you haven't already seen the rules, they are going to be in two places. In the description, and in this pinned post. Thank you for your time.

-No spamming (it's annoying as hell, so don't.)
-No porn/porn related images or videos (Hentai, etc.) You can slightly reference it, but that's it.
-No racial slurs of any kind
-No hating on the person out of role play (this ties into the third rule, don't do anything of that nature. It is immature and uncalled for.)
-No complaining about the rules (we don't want people who try to attack us, just because they don't like our rules.)
-No god modding​ (this applies to even the overpowered characters, even gods have weaknesses.)
-Make a profile before role playing (note: you can't just randomly come up and role play without a profile of some kind.)
-The profile must be approved (have an owner of a moderator approve you before role playing.)
-Complex relationships are allowed (the only restriction on this is that anything above a make out is automatically a violation of rule two and you will be kicked out.)
-Cursing is allowed (only violation is if the terms are overtly judgemental by race, sexuality, gender, etc. If this happens, contact a mod or an owner and we'll take care of it. If YOU are doing it, you be banned.)
-Your OC or character has to relate to the to demon hunting and demon media/ folk lore [Anime/Manga/Video Games/ etc.] (anything not that is not of demon hunting or demon media will be rejected.)
-Don't ask for moderator promotion (that is the last thing you want to do in this community. I will promote those of whom I can trust.)
-Only owners can make the rules
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