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The Concept:
A Mason-Dixon themed field, using anchors along the majority of the length of the East-West portion of the Mason-Dixon line as a Southern base, with multiple Northern anchors in Sunbury, PA..

The Execution:
On the evening of Saturday, December 6 2014, Team Mason-Dixon began in-field efforts to Illuminate the Mason-Dixon Line. Enlightened agents from several MD, PA, and WV communities spanning the ~780 km perimeter combined forces to blanket over 1/6 of Pennsylvania with a thick green haze. The team remained enthusiastic throughout frigid temperatures, dense fog and precipitation, choppy cell service, and a recently announced double AP fielding bonus! At 1:30 AM on Sunday, December 7th, the first link was cast from just North of Morgantown, West Virginia, to the far Southeast corner of Pennsylvania, near Newark, DE. Shortly following, North anchor agents and West anchor agents began firing links and completing multiple layers.

The Result:
As overcast skies cleared to a full moon, it was revealed to the world that Team Mason-Dixon accomplished their mission, having established 26 layers of glowing green fields, collectively totaling ~31.7 million MUs. Over 60 agents contributed in turning this pipe dream into a reality, and will forever have the experience embedded into their history as Ingress agents. Each and every one of them played a vital part in the success of Operation Mason-Dixon.

Thanks to the agents who have made this field possible. Not only was this field realized, but we have become more aware of each other regionally as a result. The agents who provided support, either actively or on standyby, were:


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CAUGHT: The elusive Westmonster!  Notice the mouth, and high reaching tail.  Not not be fooled by it's diminutive size.  It's known to devour smurfs at an alarming rate.

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Announcing the #Darsana XM Anomaly Series:

#Darsana OCT 18: 
Brussels, BE
Aarhus, DK
Berne, CH
Vilnius, LT
Pune, IN

Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Anchorage, AK, USA
Honolulu, HI, USA

#Darsana NOV 15: 
New Orleans, LA, USA
Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Santo Domingo, DO
Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Global TBD

#Darsana DEC 13: 
Tokyo, JP
Auckland, NZ
Manila, PH
Seoul, KR

Barcelona, ES
Pretoria, ZA
Stuttgart, DE
Toulouse, FR

Charleston, SC, USA
Hartford, CT, USA
Rio de Janeiro, BR
Santa Cruz, CA, USA


Recent status update for your information:

Sharv (Enlightened) has been known to be colluding with Metaphy6.  He is not to be trusted and approach McDaniel area with extreme caution.

SGTAssault has switched to Resistance and is now SGTAsault.  He left on good terms, but show him no mercy.

Please remember that we have switched to a new hangout since SGTAssault is still in the MD Enlightened JSOC hangout.  If you did NOT get a new invite to that hangout either comment below or message me directly.

Question about the scanner... when you are attacking.. .what is the percentage that shows up in red indicating? Is it how much damage you've done to the portal overall? I thought for awhile it was damage to me, and then for awhile it was damage to the res I was on... and neither makes sense. Wondering if it is a useful piece to watch. and what does a critical hit really mean?

Until further notice Giltgsflorge will be taking leadership of BT and JSOC. I am not leaving ingress nor the groups. Just taking a break from leadership. Thank you.

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Carroll County Update Afternoon 09/06/2014

Area still looks good for low rank agents to get AP.  Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions or need assistance.
Carroll County Info Updates
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Carroll County Intel for Aternoon 09/05/2014

Lots of Blue in Westminster.  Non 8's have some work to do.  Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance.
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Your Carroll County Overview for Afternoon of 09/03/2014.

Carroll County Community College
Tahoma Farm Road
Buck Cash Road in the Greens of Westminster area

All these areas are considered high priorities.  If you see my Zello is green that means I am available for intel coordination efforts.
Carroll County Info Updates
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Carroll County Nighttime Intel Package

Priority Targets:

Go get em' Agents.
Carroll County Info Updates
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