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A game designer's lot. Cutting out the cards for the second prototype (deuterotype?). Now comes the job of rounding off the corners, a truly thankless task, but from the pov of playtester buy-in the more professional-looking the cards the better IMO.
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One of the problems with the game in its current form is the fact that in most games I've played so far (I've played several games on a table with three players' hands spread out face up. Not completely scientific but I got a good idea of how the game plays out) most players start out with their Pingo already 60-65% complete. This isn't necessarily a problem of course, but it means that players end up simply drawing and discarding until they get their remaining four or five stars. What I ideally want is a situation where players have a number of stars in the right places but face the choice of having to discard ones they already have, which doesn't seem to be happening currently.

There are several things I have in mind that could potentially fix this (if indeed it needs fixing - other folks may not see this as problem), under three broad headings, as follows:
1. Increase the number of both noughts and crosses. 
2. Have some cards with only one star instead of two. (I've prepared an alternative deck with a group of ones replacing two lots of six two-star cards, four with four crosses and eight with noughts. In addition, possibly a set of four three-star cards with two crosses on each.
3. Some of the two-star cards have one outline star instead of a filled one, with the effect that if you use that star to make your Pingo, there can be no other stars in that position. Forbidding overlap was suggested by someone in an FB group, but I thought (and still think) that that would be unworkable since, although each card in the deck has a unique pattern, each star is replicated eight times on the grid.
4. Sort of connected to the above,  another idea is to have 24 patterns duplicated once each, rather than the current 48 unique patterns.
5. A mixture of any or all of the above.

As I mentioned , I have prepared an alternative deck - several decks in fact - which incorporate some of the above changes. However, I'd like to run a number of playtests with the present deck so that a consensus can  emerge about what should be tried first in order to solve the problem (if there is seen to be one).

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Hey folks. Welcome to Pingo!, the new set-building card game from the designer of LeCardo. Discuss mechanics, share play experiences and/or host events. Let's go, Pingo!

1. Deal out seven cards to each player. (Cards are hidden, i.e. player facing).
2. Place the remainder of the deck face down in the centre of the playing area, then place the top card face up next to the stack.
3. Each player then draws a card from either the stack or the discard pile (which the card that has been placed face down initially forms the foundation of), and then discards either the card they have just drawn or one from their hand.

The idea of the game is to collect pink stars such that you have at least one star for every position on a 3x4 grid (such an outcome being called a Pingo). However, in addition, you must have in your Pingo at least one more nought than cross. During the game players need to collect cards with pink stars in whatever positions they currently don't them, drawing and discarding until the first player to have the win conditions calls out 'Pingo!', whereupon they lay their cards face up on the table to show that they satisfy the conditions (i.e. have the right number of stars and one more nought than cross) and, if the other players are satisfied that they do, that player is declared the winner of that round.

The current file is of course subject to change during playtesting. Folks are welcome to download and try Pingo! out for themselves.
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