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These guys are awesome. They broadcast live on YouTube each day.They have viewers from around the world.
+FOX 10 Phoenix 


Hi All, just a quick question if anyone can share their expertise please: I'm finding that the YouTube app works when my guests are testing in a Google+ HOA, but not when we go live. Any ideas on what we might be doing wrong? Many thanks!

Morning guys!  How ya'll doing?

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I am hosting an online conference on Feb 21-23 using G+ Hangouts, but had something come up that I have to attend to on one of the days, and may have to be in and out on another day as well. I wanted to put out a request here (and if it's not ok, please delete!) to see if I could hire someone familiar with Hangouts to help moderate a few of the sessions. You would just be setting up the hangout, and letting the speaker do their thing, and then collecting questions, and ending the session. You can get more info about the conference and schedule here: Please email me your rates and any questions Thanks!

Possible story: False alarm of shooting on University of Oklahoma campus today turns
to discussion about gun control.
O-U President says "the worst thing that can happen" is to allow guns on campus. He says police would have no way to know who is a good guy and who is a bad guy. The link below takes you to his specific comments about guns on campus.

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Hello all! I haven't posted in this community yet and I feel that my first post may come off as a little self-promotion. That is not my intention. If anything, take this post as an opportunity to remind yourselves that are high school students interested in journalism.

I have a personal milestone I would like to share with all of you professionals.

I am the editor-in-chief of Mountain Pointe High School's student online publication, Voice of the Pride. Our student run journalism program based in our school in Phoenix, Arizona, is relaunching with an entirely new online look and presence. 

I have wanted to make changes to the program ever since I was involved but nobody listened to me. Luckily, this year I have had the pleasure of recruiting and working with students who share my passion for telling stories. With this new site comes a new story schedule. With the schedule my adviser and I have set up, we will be publishing 40+ stories a week. 

This should put Voice of the Pride on the map for a high school journalism program. We will look better than other high school publications, we will produce more than other high school publications, and we will experiment with ways to tell stories no other high school publication has tried or perfected. 

Fundamentally, we are the same. But we are pulling all of the tricks out the hat this last semester and see what really wows our audience and fulfills our goal to tell what stories matter and why they matter. 

If this sounds interesting to any of you, the wait isn't long. We plan to relaunch this Thursday or Friday. I will be sure to let you all know when the new site is up as soon as we launch. 

We will be constantly changing our website to fit the needs of our audience. Here's a little sneak peek of what you can expect when viewing one type of story. (The headline and story have been changed after we took this photo because we gave another magazine the publishing rights to this particular article) 

EDIT: The byline is also changed obviously. This was from the site's early foundation stage.

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It's OK.  You can admit it if you bought an item, or two, or ten for yourself.  So glad I didn't see +Melissa Carlson  or +Michelle Li  in this hilarious video!  Newsrooms stretched too thin maybe?

thanks for adding me, post 2 u soon.

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Too funny.  We need to get Ron on +Channel 3000 | News 3 or in a hangout!!  
+1 if you think Ron Burgundy should anchor a newscast in Wisconsin. He helped out with KX News in Bismarck, ND Saturday.

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G+ Broadcasters Here's some data that will show well on TV or on the net.

via +Mike Downes
New Tacloban City satellite imagery We've just received fresh imagery of Tacloban City, Philippines, from +DigitalGlobe, collected November 10, 2013. Gallery of before and after images here: and KML here: Using this imagery in your coverage? Please credit to DigitalGlobe/Google.
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