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Here's a story I did for the National Day of Prayer Prayer Walk in downtown #Tucson

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If I can do this on TV, you can do it in private! 
Ladies, no one should be afraid to get a mammogram to screen for breast cancer. 
Click on the link and'll see just how simple it is...Good luck!
 What's It Llike To Have A Mammogram? Here's my 3D Screening...

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I am hosting an online conference on Feb 21-23 using G+ Hangouts, but had something come up that I have to attend to on one of the days, and may have to be in and out on another day as well. I wanted to put out a request here (and if it's not ok, please delete!) to see if I could hire someone familiar with Hangouts to help moderate a few of the sessions. You would just be setting up the hangout, and letting the speaker do their thing, and then collecting questions, and ending the session. You can get more info about the conference and schedule here: Please email me your rates and any questions Thanks!

thanks for adding me, post 2 u soon.

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made this "how to" for folk who want a single embedded livestream player for their hangouts
How to create a hangout LIVESTREAM player
This page has a rather rambling video explanation, but it shows you what you need.

steps are as follows

1. create a playlist on youtube. It can be unlisted so as not to clutter your channel.
2. make a really short graphic and jingle intro (5 seconds is good) and add to playlist.
3. Play the video in the playlist and copy the section of of code as shown in the video
4. Paste that over the zeros in the following code (leaving the &amp etc)

<iframe width="620" height="350" src="000000000000000000l&amp;autoplay=1"></iframe>

This is now your live stream player you can embed on blogs and websites. You can adjust the size to suit your needs.
You do not need to touch the code again, you just control what is streamed by adding new broadcasts onto the playlist (removing the previous broadcast if there was one)

5. go the edit playlist page and book mark it for future ease of access.

It works great, and you can also use it to add promo for your next broadcasts if you want. It takes no more than 20 seconds from copying the link in the hangout to being done and ready to go - and even that is if you are an asthmatic Ant carrying heavy shopping

Hi +Michelle Li Thanks for adding me to the group :) Looking forward to learning from you all.

I know this is an open group for journalists, broadcasters, podcasters and aspiring broadcasters, but let's try to stay on point.  From here on out, anyone who is spammy will be gone.  No warning.  Thanks.


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Mañana lunes en vivo 9PM Tune in radio 

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Wow -- these stand-ups are all so creative! I just spent ten minutes being inspired.
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