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I know a lot of people here are either doing or thinking of starting their own podcast.
If you'd like to learn how to turn a podcast into a business, join me this Wed. and you can pick Jaime's brain in real time too :)

Oh, and please share and invite anyone who may be interested too.

It's True: You Really Can use a podcast to get out of debt And Here's How..
(click the link and add it to your calendar now)

Do you ever feel like you have to choose between enjoying your life and making money ?

Like it's making 6-7 figures and being able to have fun too is an oxymoron...?

Do you secretly think that money - making it and spending it - is the ticket to happiness, freedom, and jobs that you would never hate...?

That's what Jaime Masters​ thought too.

And so she went after the money, the titles, the house (actually 2) with the picked fence, the high school sweetheart for a husband and the fancy expense account.

She got it all by 21.

But when she woke up 3 years later she realized -

➤ She was $70,000 in debt
➤ She was 25lbs over weight from neglecting herself
➤ She had to stay in a job she hated because...
➤ She had so many bills to pay

At 24 years old Jaime realized that - The Money Wasn't Enough...

Fast forward to today and Jaime has turned it all around with a podcast called - The Eventual Millionaire

So if you've ever wondered -

✔ How do people make money from a podcast

✔ How do they get influencers on their show (like Grant Cardone and Seth Godin)

✔ How do they build a successful business from content

✔ How do they structure their business so that it's not all work and no play...

Then you want to join me live, so you can TALK WITH JAIME IN REAL TIME.

WEDNESDAY, 10:15am PST / 12 :15pm CST / 1:15pm EST
(click the link and add it to your calendar now)

Jaime works with six and seven figure entrepreneurs to make their life and business better. More enjoyment daily and more money.
Getting through the crazy entrepreneur problems with more ease.

There are simple things that she has learned that make all the difference in business – and on Wed. we'll dive deep into that and other lessons she learned from interviewing over 350 millionaires too.

So, click the link below and
>>Add it to your calendar now << so that you don't miss it.

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Gear -
Rodelink News Shooter Kit

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Please help raise awareness! 15-24 year-olds make up 1/2 of new STIs in the US. My HuffPo article covers the alarming rates.
Did you know? The CDC report states “ages 15-24 make up just over one quarter of the sexually active population, but account for* half of the 20 million new sexually transmitted infections that occur in the United States each year*.”

It's what I call The Millennial Virus. Read the Full Article I wrote for +The Huffington Post on the rise of STDs.

#sex #millennials #hookup #hookupculture #dating #love #men #women #STDs #STIs #infection #publichealth #awareness #safety #prevention #parentingtips
The Millennial Virus
The Millennial Virus

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Super excited about my first interview for my empowerment series for the +The Huffington Post on Damona Hoffman!
Want to find love? Check out how this Reality Star can help you!

Damona Hoffman is a renowned Dating Coach and TV personality specializing in dating, love and relationship issues, that has been featured on FYI TV, People Magazine, Essence Magazine, Sirius XM and numerous others.

A former TV casting director and executive, Damona applies her successful personal branding techniques that she developed with actors to find love! Since media gets pitched by many interesting people, but only have a few slots; she realized “isn’t this the same process that occurs for love?”.

Full article:

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The Millennial Virus

Most of the articles and research on millennials is targeted on marketing to them, how we could sell better to them, how we can better understand their preferences, or we characterize the hookup culture like it’s something new. We try to talk about their sexual patterns, how many, how often, variations of sexual practices, birth rates, and on and on. But, we never talk about what I call, The Millennial Virus (c), what they are at risk of.

Full Article:

#millennials #sex #hookupculture #women #men #STD #STDincrease #NYC #CDC #dating #onlinedating #love #tinder #bumble

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Does anyone have a contact for YouTube support? For journalists? I think the burden of proof has changed so that it's harder for news stations to monetize their videos... or something.

+DeAno Jackson +Kim Beasley +Kyle Salewski  +Kyle Geissler

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Just a few personal thoughts on the shooting in Virginia and the news industry as a whole.

Good evening. Anyone out there? 

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These guys are awesome. They broadcast live on YouTube each day.They have viewers from around the world.
+FOX 10 Phoenix 

FOX 10 Phoenix
FOX 10 Phoenix
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