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((Male needed to be Peter Pan))
((There may be romance idk))
((Pictures drawn by my friend +Maxy))

It was 1917, around midnight in the quiet city of London. A boy....ran through the alley ways in the dark, running away from something unseen to the people who saw the boy. His raggedy and large clothes devoured and clung to his small frame.

The boy ran and ran until he couldn't any more, eventually ending up in a clock tower. The boy huffed and puffed as he tried to regain his breath, all the while not noticing the boy in green watching him through a window. The boy sighed as he looked out of the window behind him, staring up into the sky at two stars before eventually passing out from exhaustion.


The boy woke up to bright sunshine, accompanied by a strange smell of clean salt water......and a crowd of a couple of children in animal furs. The boy immediately shot up with a frightened look on his face, immediately shuffling backwards, only to hit his back against something.....and that something was you, Peter Pan. You chuckled as the boy lifted up his blue and black hat, his eyes meeting yours......except his eyes didn't look right. They didn't look like the eyes a boy would have. You decided to put the thought away as you the thought of welcoming a new lost boy was more fun than questioning the poor kid

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