hi flame

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Name lightning fury

Age 22

Bi in the RP and straight in the RL

Like food

Dislike vegetable and hater

And I'm sorry I don't make a profit early because my notification doesn't on and again I'm sorry
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Thanks for 57 members!
Whoever invited there friends tell me

Your gonna be a mod-

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Name: Soccer star (duh XD)
Age: 16
Race: Pegasus
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Bio: OH GOD THIS WILL BE A VERYYYY LONG STORY but I don't feel like it doe XD
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Love to kill people
Love scarring people
Have collections of knife
And that's all I think XP

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It time for a DJ party for +Golden flame​ and +Daron Murdockstart to DJ and start to sing happy birthday it a special day for you two

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Name: Fiend Herd
Age: 18
Race: Tiberium fiend (semi-mutated pony)
Gender: Herm
Sexuality: Bisexual
Skills: Leading and strategic tactics
Likes: A good strategy battle, friends, making friends, helping
Dislikes: Bullies, bad losers, echoic winners, losing friends
Personality: Really kind and loyal, aggressive when he needs to be, but tries to be loyal as much as he can
Bio: On my profile
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Does someone wanna RP? :3

Are we making fan characters of mlp or can we make other things?

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Name: Flame myth
Age: 21
Sexuality: BI but mostly straight
Cm: A gem heart on fire
Cm meaning: ppl hardly see her but heard many stories of her but when they finally meet her and ppl hear about their stories they think she's a myth
Personality: kind,sweet,flirty,Caring,funny,giving.
Likes: Family,friends,making ppl happy,leaving a marking on ppl hearts (meaning she likes to make ppl always remembering her)
Dislikes: mean ppl
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