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Name: Lord Drakle Giglamesh
Warrior or Mage: Mage
Age: 45
Gender: male
Personality: Intelligent, Cruel, Calculative ,Funny, Dominating, vengeful and deceptive
Skill: Dark magic, mind control, blood control, shapeshifting, dracomancy, necromancy and conjuration
Weapon: An enchanted spirit sword that can control defeated foes and a staff of pure dark and chaotic magic
Armor: Dark robes and dragon scale mail underneath
Bio:  Lord Drakle Giglamesh was once of royal blood until he was banished for plotting to take over the kingdom at his young age of 10, once he was banished he decided to learn more of the dark arts and he came here to master one of the mightiest beasts as he had found an egg

Dragon's name: Dravauz Bane
Dragon age: 37
Dragon gender: male
Dragon personality: Intelligent, Dark humored and bloodthirsty
Dragon type: Dark Flying
Dragon species: Malroe quadropedal
Dragon power: Dark magic, shadow minion summoning, nightmare/fear summoning and hypnosis
Dragon height/weight: 20'11" and 7.9 tons
Dragon's bio: once giglamesh found his egg he cared for him till he hatched once he came here and they've been friends with eachother for ages, both seeking domination of the world
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This place is really progressing.... I like that.... Keep it up

Zario arrives at the egg fields looking to find his first dragon (open)

i hope this is all correct.

Name: Zario
Warrior or Mage: mage
Age: 20
Gender: male
Personality: quiet and caring
Skill: ice magic
Weapon: quarter staff
Armor: robe
Bio: Zario never knew his father. His mother worked as a bar maiden to bring in some money. She was killed when some bandits tried to rob the place. He was only 6 when it happened. His sister raised him as best she could with what little money they had. When he was 12 a mage went through there village and stopped by the tavern that Zario's mother worked at. Zario was staring at him and was caught. The mage took Zario and his sister under his wing and they lived comfortably for several years. One day mage decided to apprentice Zario and his sister and taught them everything he knew. Then one tragic day the village was raided and the mage went out to protect it. The mage was shot with an arrow that turned out to be poisoned. He drove the raiders away but knew he was going to die. The mage called Zario over as he was dieing and passed on to him his staff with his final breath and died. Zario was nineteen at that time. he stayed in his village one more year to take care of his sister who came down sick soon after the battle. when she died he was left alone in the world and left his village to explore the world. He decided his first stop would be the dragon training village his master used to tell him stories about. After loosing so much he became a quiet person who cares for those close to him. He hopes to one day rid the world of the bandits and thieves that have taken so much from him.

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Name: dragonite
Species: fire
Bio: is now mine and loves me only
Hate: eny other dragon except his love zoey

Name: zoey
Species: ice and dark
Bio: only loves me
Hate: others dragons but doesn't know dragonite loves her
Gender: female
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Name: Dark
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Personality: Quiet
Type: Dark Dragon
Species: bi legged
Height: 4.25 ft
Bio: I don't even know...

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Name: zoey
Type: ice and dark
He's a: warrior
:he's mine
Bio: is dangerous and only likes me and can be rode

I fly around singing for a mate and I have no luck but u were looking for a mate to and u see a beautiful heaven dragon singing ((male dragon needed to protect me from killers))

Slyvia and Skyia are wandering around, talking to each other in the Moon Elf language.
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