*He walks into the waiting area, he had been feeling horrible since a week after his "degeneration" but he didn't want to tell his mum*

*Comes in for an appointment*

*Walks into the hospital nervous, but hoping the outcome is what I'm seeking*

I felt like the babues has groped quite a bit. I hope I wasn't having them too soon... it's too early.. walks in trying to get a appointment

Sis help holds stomach  +Serenity Song

Walks in with +DI Alec Hardy. Come on dear, I made an appointment for you.

walks in and looks down

*I walk into the hospital, one of my fingers dripping blood. I'm holding the wrist above it, trying to staunch the flow.* Ren!

Walks in to the building hoping I was going to interrupt her. I just need to talk to her about Juli hopefully River already did

*Decides to finally take Julianne, River, and Rett's advice and get checked out. I walk in for an appointment*
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