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Ok, this was fun but I have spent way to many hours playing around with this and I feel like I just got started.

Be careful as you are clicking around.  You may get dizzy.  Do not drink and navigate this page:)

Can you tell me if this link takes you to a log-in screen or if it opens right to my 'Brain'

I am going to need some more time for the rest of this assignment, this took me a bit longer than I thought.

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 I just wanted to thank +Andrew Ferneyhough  +Margot Croft and +Avi Luxenburg for their insights and sharing in their learning experiences over the past week.  I've had to dig deep and really question my first interpretation of the nature of PLE...perhaps there is more complexity to this concept than I initially thought!

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Week 5 Blog Post
Visions of PLEs

Upon reviewing my thoughts at the beginning of this seminar, 

<<My intent is to develop opportunities for participation. Part of my position is community outreach, so the challenge is to create an opportunity to participate and then help those engaged with the activity take the message (sustainable behaviour) and used it in other areas of of their experience. I often hear "Well, this doesn't really relate to what I do..." and in f2f interaction, I can scaffold some connections and hopefully inspire more. Thus, what I'm looking for here is to develop a stronger vision of how to best design opportunities for participation to maximize opportunities for PLEs,>> 

my goals have not changed much. After looking through the readings, wading through a Twitter conversation from 2008, and considering my colleagues’ thoughts and insights, my view of a PLE has broadened. 

 Initially, my thought was that Personal Learning Networks and PLEs were synonymous, but not so. I hadn’t factored in the tools used to create and manage a PLE were factored in.  

Some reflection on my own PLE underscores that I am currently more of a supporter than a builder--not so different than my face to face interactions. The tools I use are limited and I am cautiously participatory in my perceived small environment, thus am sometimes surprised  by the number of responses developing on or challenging what I’ve put out. I then realize that my environment is a little deeper and wider than I’d imagined. 

And while I see that it has use in education, I have a niggling feeling that it is not for everyone. 

Certainly, I can appreciate everyone’s environment will be different.  I am predominantly (according to this test ) an abstract random thinker.  The idea of nodes, contacts, rhizomatic learning--I’m all over it.  One of my favourite shows growing up was Make a Wish with Tom Chapin ( ). The show introduced a theme, then made all sorts of random connections in a half hour. Awesome!  A bit like my preferred learning.

 I like to join the dots, interpolate, extrapolate and colour outside the lines, thus my PLE resembles the picture below For me, to formalize my PLE with a tool like Symbaloo would be to constrictive. I’d be worried, too, that I’d miss something if I restricted myself to a pattern of feeds. 

For others, the amount of information coming in, and the feeling that it needed to be controlled, assimilated, and filed could be overwhelming, thereby hindering exploration and deeper thought.

Understanding  and knowing how to cultivate and tend one’s environment can lead to great reward is a useful skill, and being shown some tools along the way can support vigorous growth. It is essential, thought, to recognize that a learning environment can’t be dictated, nor assigned as a task because it is personal, and to be effective, must remain so.

This is an interesting observation of how McLuhan's laws of media apply to PLEs. A point that caught my attention was the idea that “when a media was pushed beyond its limits it reverses and begins displaying negative characteristics of previous media.” Scott Wilson comments that a possible reversal of a PLE would turn it to being impersonal.
I consider that requiring students to develop a PLE could result in its reversal....
By all means, introduce a PLE as a tool, but not as a requirement that everyone has to utilize.

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From the readings

"While most discussions on PLE's focus on online environments, the term encompasses the entire set of resources that a learner uses to answer questions, provide context, and illustrate processes."  
This is the definition I was looking for.  It backs up my thought, or my hope, that the PLE was more than just a digital thing, it is about tapping into the students world versus our world, or perhaps a bit of both.

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Like the modules of this course (haven't looked at all of them yet) but wonder if it would be stronger if there was some element of being able to network with others....

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