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Name: Kristen (ps this is me)
Age: 23
Likes: sweets, playing around, training, papyrus , Frisk, and all her friends
Dislikes: Sans, Genocide, Crystal (if she went Genocide when she first fell), Flowey (he teases her), and Gaster
Nickname: 18 (because her soul is a test of Gaster's)
Soul color: Green (kindness) with Purple (perseverance) and Red (Determination) magic flowing through it
Magic: lol Sans but instead of bones, it's fire arrows and lava knives, also something she calls a fire blaster
Bio: when she fell the soul broke free and went into her since hers was so torn up, she made friends with Chara, Asriel, and a Ghost she met names Crystal (another oc) she showed kindness and soon she met Sans in the waterfalls and she found Gaster who respected her because she was different from other humans.....she had monster powers in her, she came to visit the Skele-bros everyday and became friends with Alphys and Undyne before Frisk fell and her eyes had change color in the years.
(Lol I just wanted to do this, I love to RP)
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i was sitting on my front porch,staring into nothing

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Name: Underfell papyrus
Likes: Being mean. Likes making soup and throw knifes
Dislikes: Spaghetti, Fun, People loving him and Frisk
Wepons: Has very sharp knifes
Story: came from another dimension and has the real papyrus hostage and is taking his place

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((Sans needed))
Baby papyrus: Um... Big bro? Can I ask you a question?

Where's the oc Category?

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i Decided to try and make a comic... It turned out terrible.
If you don't get the joke it's that when you complete a genocide run your pretty much like "FUCK YOU SANS BURN IN HELL FOR PUTTING ME THROUGH THAT SHIT!!!"
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Profile: Arecee
Name: Arecee
Age: 👋👇✌✞👈💀⚐👋👎👈✌
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Bio: ✡⚐✝ 👍✌💀'❄ 💧✌✞👈 👇👋💣
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