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Join my Peter Rechmann (BiBB) and I for our Webinar on THURSDAY, November 30, 2017, 08.00 am CET on 'Business Case for Investing in Vocational Education & Training'. We will be discussing important aspects pertaining Financing of Vocational Education &

This Webinar is organised in cooperation with GOVET - German Office for VET cooperation

More details at
For the past year or so, I have been researching the area of Financing of TVET focused on the topic of Return on Investment. As a Chancellor’s Fellow hosted by BIBB, I got a chance to look at the German Vocational Education & Training (VET) system with the focus on long term social and economic benefits to companies, government and learners. My interest was to see how some of its best practices can be used in “Non Dual” systems of VET.

The Dual System of Training - to its merit - addresses the issue by bringing Industry and Government together as co-partners & co-funders of VET programmes. The question is : What drives the industry to be the main funder of TVET ?

To discuss some of these aspects especially in the context of ‘non-dual VET systems’, I am organising a FREE WEBINAR on THURSDAY, November 30, 2017, 08.00 am CET in collaboration with GOVET on the topic “ What is the Business Case of Investing in Vocational Education & Training for Companies”. Mr Peter Rechmann, Head of Secretariat at GOVET will join me as the speaker.

This webinar offers important points for those responsible for attracting employers, partners into the VET system. It will be an interesting and engaging session on various aspects concerning the engagement of companies.

Peter and I, will use the 60 mins effectively to :

- Revisit the German Dual System of Training
- Review the Cost - Benefit approach and key results of the Study
- Explore how this can be used in the context of “Non - Dual” Vocational Education & Training Systems

This Google Hangout is aimed at sharing information on best practices, results of my research study and to open dialogues for partnerships. It does not intend to market or promote a system.

Its an online event, so everyone is welcome to join. It might be of immediate interest to :

- VET Policy professionals seeking examples on the topic of ´Dual System of Training, making VET attractive, Employer Engagement
Training/HR/Policy Managers of Companies interested in developing a business case
- Service Providers who in the VET space seeking ideas on incentivising their participation
- Researchers studying VET systems and looking to enhance knowledge on the subject

How to Register ?

The webinar can be accessed using Google Hangouts/Youtube on your mobile/computer - It’s free, linked to your google accounts and can be accessed on the go!

STEP 1 : Register your participation using the link

STEP 2: Mark the Date and Time (based on your timezone) on your Calendar

STEP 3: Follow the instructions regarding on how to join this session that you receive closer to the date

STEP 4: Join the Session on THURSDAY, November 30, 2017, 08.00 am CET

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Complacency is a universal #business illness. Stop its spread today through managing your own actions first.
What Have You Done for Me Lately?
Managers grumble
about the state of their employees from time to time (shocking, I know).  And while there might be lots to complain
about, consider for a moment that the road you’re on is a two-way street.  The grumbling is traveling up and down both

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I hope that you will enjoy this quiz, and/or share it with someone in your network who can benefit from it! Getting a sharper focus on life and career satisfaction and balance is always a good thing!

Free Ten Minute #Life and #Career Self Test

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Business health requires #management to firmly handle negative employees in the workplace
The challenge of negativity isn’t new.  We fight it everyday.  When we are faced with it, what is our normal response?  Walk away?  Join in?  Yikes. Kit, the pitcher in A League of Their Own , is negative throughout most of the movie.  Manufacturing sympath...

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#Employee feedback needs to be honest from start to end. We're building a workforce!
Love Yourself
Almira Gulch.  What a name.  It's fraught with constipation and furrowed eye brows.  And while it wasn't her idea to be named that, she found a way to fulfill the name's intent.  Wait?  You don't know who Almira Gulch is?  Really?  You might know her by her...

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Labels: The Bad and the Worse - Treating staff by the #label we've given them, rather than job-specific skills #HRBlogs
Are You Gonna Go My Way?
Labeling is an easy skill for most of us.  Our minds have been trained to categorize and label people, things and places.  There are schemata filling the schema in our brains.  In other words, files filling file cabinets in our minds with connections and de...

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Getting employees to stay #committed to the initial passion for the work is an ongoing job!
Hungry Heart
Wandering happens.  People find that what once satisfied, no longer does.  Marriages have broken up, families have been fractured, jobs have been left because of it, hobbies lay in corners of basements or garages all over this country because of it.  We get...

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#Management - Are you a natural? Do you think you should be?
The Boss
Managing people is a skill. Yes, there are attributes that
come easier for some which allow them to manage easier, but the use and
refinement of those attributes is what makes it right.  The guilt some feel about not being a good
manager is often a result o...

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Be an invested manager to assess #performance in your team
Digging Your Scene
Dance, baby, dance. 
Get up and move.  Shake your
thing.  That’s it, make it groove.  Use your hips.  Get down into the floor.  Arch your back more.  Work it! Those are various performance phrases used in the dance
world to encourage excellence in the perfo...
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