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We've tagged our second major release, Golden Carrot (v1.1).

Here's a few of the major changes:

* Dynamic world status updates.
* Better handling of crashed Minecraft server processes.
* Collapse ‘Chats’ and ‘Players’ pages to the world home page.

You can find upgrade instructions here:

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A tour of one of the amazing data centers your MC COAL worlds are hosted in and an introduction to some of the smart people who keep it all safe and running smoothly.

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At least Microsoft is saying the right things about Minecraft:

"Minecraft is a development tool," Teper told attendees of the UBS Global Technology Conference in Sausalito, Calif., last week. "People build worlds out of it. If we can get eight-year-old girls and boys building worlds and getting inspired by creating content digitally, as they grow up they'll want to create in PowerPoint, or Visual Studio. And in addition to being one of the few gaming franchises that doesn't have to be freemium, Minecraft can actually charge money. It turns out it's a great business with lots of upside."

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Minecraft 1.8.1 is out and promises "new optimizations and bug fixes."  The MC-COAL open-source project requires no changes to support 1.8.1 as it is backwards compatible with 1.8.

To add a new Minecraft version to your MC COAL install:

1) Go to the "Admin" page.
3) At the bottom of the page, find the "CREATE NEW VERSION" form.
4) Enter "1.8.1" for the "Version".
5) Enter for the "URL".
6) Click the "Create" button.

To change a world to 1.8.1:

1) Make sure the world is paused.
2) Click the "Edit" link for the world.
3) Choose "1.8.1" under the "Minecraft Version" dropdown.
4) Click the "Save" button.

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Or, you could skip most of the steps in this article and just use MC COAL ;-)
Best way to discover compute engine : setting up a minecraft server for your family.

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We've tagged our first official stable release, "Steak".

There's no better time to try out COAL than today. Check out the documentation ( for detailed installation instructions.

If you'd rather be up and running in just a few seconds, be sure to check out our pay-as-you-go hosted version of MC COAL at Not only will you be up and running with no work, you'll also be helping us "keep the lights on" for the open-source project!

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Looks like we've "soft launched."
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