"Fuck the red team."

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(open RP)

Is training and has mask on and sword in hand fighting clones of self (I can summon clones)

Open undertale rp is sitting on my couch listening to a song

open RP
Is sitting down on the ground outside with security hat and reads a creepy book and sitting alone

*One day, Reven was helping a blue Engineer build a teleporter and he stepped back to test it out when-*

*Reven was in the spawn area, ready to go to war with the Red team.*

Rick was sitting on the floor in the Red spawn room. Waiting for the go ahead to go get the Intel.

(To join, merely say what you are doing in the spawn room. Whether you be red or blue)

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Quote: "You know that i don't really believe in lost causes.As long as there is Hope , you have to hold onto it"

Name: William
Age: 16
Gender: male
Species: Cyber/Robot/Human
Class optional: Spy and A X.E.N.A warrior

~~~~Physical Details~~~~

Hair color: Dark Blue
Eye color: Black (sometimes with X.A.N.A logo)
Physical build: Cyber Robot
Physical deformities/ Alterations: --

~~~~Biographical Details~~~~

Clothing/Armor: (dressed in silver-black armor with a red belt that is able to regenerate in every cut or damage)
Skills/Abilities: Devirtualized in every death, invisibility, Super Smoke powers.floating and dark power....
Personality: flirty,Quiet,loner, always bored
Likes: Swords , fighting, girls and friends.....
Dislikes: being called "kid" , understimated or annoyed.
Sexuality: bisexual i guess
Relationships: Kills friends under X.E.N.A order

Biography: William Dunbar is a member of Team Lyoko and a ninth grader at Kadic Academy. He is mostly known for being Ulrich Stern's primary competitor for Yumi's heart. Presumptuous and snide, William is commonly treated as a minor adversary to the Lyoko Warriors, despite becoming one in the end.
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Quote:_"Do you like my dolls,their brand new..."_
Name:Kreig Slasher
Class optional:Spy
~~~~~~~~~Physical Details~~~~
Hair color:Grey
Eye color:unknow
Physical build:Is muscular but it doesn't show through his clothing which underestimates the way his enemies attack him
Physical deformities/ Alterations:Is completely insane
~~~~~~Biographical Details~~~~
Clothing/Armor:Wheres Voodoo Ritual Clothing
Skills/Abilities:Invisibility,Traps,Voodoo spells,Trained in every marital art style
Likes:A good kill,Voodoo spells,blood
Dislikes:Everything else..
Relationships:Killed Family with various voodoo dolls
Biography:His family was really familiar with voodoo. Thats all you need to know
Picture (if possible):
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