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+TheEdnar83 OOC build requests: Sprinter, Field Medic, Rifle Suppression, Dense Smoke, Deep Pockets, Savior. (But I'm happy to be transformed by the MERS thing?) I hope I go psi, and offense, mind control all the way. Medkit and Arc Thrower, 

Having a video where you go through the visible options, that'd be great. 

Also, make sure you have an A and B team (and you alternate as much as possible.) and go to officer training school quick quick :)

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Oooh, comment RP. Okay, so, Youtube circle created, comment spam prevented... 

Professor Fred,
"Doktor" Murray. They call me "Doktor" Murray. Well, they're right. I'm a doctor. Well, mostly. I'm ABD, but that counts, right? Right? Hrmph. So, I'm going to have to ask for an extension on this next paper. My reserve commission got me drafted to [REDACTED BY CENSORS] and it's.. well you wouldn't believe it.

So yeah, my squaddies call me "Doktor" and shoved a med-kit at me. What in the world does an Archaeologist know about dressing wounds?! (Well, there was that one time in Greece, but well... that's not going on my CV.)

Anyways, I've gotten 2500 words written this week, and you'll have chapter 1 in a month, assuming nothing goes horribly wrong. And it won't, will it?

Your student hopefully for quite a bit longer,
Sean, "Doktor" murray. 
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