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Vol 1, August 2014.
Youth For Truth.

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Subscriptions are open for Youth For Truth Magazine.

You may also send your entries for articles, short story writing and poems on our email-id and get featured in our next issue.

Limited forms left.

Contact details-

Email id-

Contact numbers-
Arpit Sabharwal- 09039003001
Kushal Kumar-

For any queries, leave a message on our facebook page.

-Team YFT

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Youth For Truth!

Wash away all your guilt and regret!
Life is too short to wake up and be upset.
Let this morning bring a smile on your face, make others smile.
Love the ones who love you and life will be better! 
Live, love, enjoy!

YoU OnLy LiVe OnCe! 

-YFT Team

She's smiling, blushing silently because he complimented her.
He, the guy she has known from just a few hours, or just 2 days and now, she says that she's falling for him.

Is it right, to love a person you don't even know half about?
Maybe he's flirting, or say he IS ACTUALLY flirting. Why would he otherwise compliment you?

He would just use you and throw away, like some garbage and then you'll be left with nothing. 
No, not all guys are like that. But the real ones, who will actually love you won't need to flatter you by their cheezy talks, they would instead behave like gentlemen.
Actions speak louder than words, remember? 
Believe me, you are beautiful, in and out.
God has made us all and he never makes mistakes, right?
Why need a man to make you realise that you are worthy and beautiful? 

That innervoice, that little guiding light we have in us, is loud enough to make us realise the difference between the right and wrong, good and bad.
People wear masks, and no one can see the faces behind them, not even your girl friends and guy friends! 
No one knows the intention behind someone's sweetness, no one knows the actual side of someone until they decide to show it.

So, cut yourself from the bunch you don't find good, your innervoice will guide you all the way.
Talk less to someone who behaves extra sweet out of no reason, keep away from the people you find awkward! 

Remember, their are all different people in this world. If you want to find your Mr. Perfect, you needn't go and search for him.
If you're destined to meet, you will. He might not show up all of a sudden, he might be someone you've known over years, he might be a family friend, or someone you've never spoken to.
Your story, like every other story has been written by God, don't try to destroy it! 

- ©Ayushi Maheshwari-2014

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Just watch this and then see your self........

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You Only Live Once! #YOLO  
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