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Name: Zen Hayashi
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bi
Career: JRock Singer & Actor

{ Multi-Para to novella, Third Person, Past Tense, Literate (Not Perfect), Descriptive Roleplayer. }

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Name: Jason derulo
Age: 26
Birthday: September 21 1989
Celebrity type: singer
Sexuality: straight
Relationship: single

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Hey guys I'm new!
Name:Billie Joe Armstrong
Age:(his real age is 44 but I'm gonna take back some years) 24
Gender:male (female IRL)
Celebrity type:singer,guitarist
Relationship: single (in RP)
Personality: rebellious,kind,friendly,shy,crazy,junkie,acholic,stoner
(I know it's alot but whatever y'know?)

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Name: Shannon Taylor.
Age: 24
Sexuality: straight. ( mostly but things happen)
Relationship: nope. Probably never
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Name: Mark Edward Fischbach

Alias: Markiplier

Age:  26

Birthday (optional):  June 28

Celebrity type (Actor, Singer, Comedian, Etc.): Youtuber

Sexuality:  Straight

Relationship:  _LONELY FOREEEVER_

Bio:  _Well, I was born and raised in O'ahu, Hawaii, but I started my Youtube channel in Cincinnati, Ohio somewhere in the middle of 2012. I remember that my first playthrough was Amnesia: The Dark Descent which was lost with the original Markiplier channel that I lost in 2012. Anyway, my channel has around 8 million subscribers which is incredible. Is that all you wanted to know? Alright then, bye-bye now...._
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Name: Margo Grayson.
Age: She is currently 19, almost 20.
Relationship: Single.
Personality: Margo is a very preppy, and fashionable person who can sometimes be very dark and secretive. Perhaps two- faced, you could say.
Bio: Margo came from a normal family, nothing cliche or emo, or whatever. She lived a normal life, then started her path to popularity at the age of 16. There.
Sexuality: Straight.
Celebrity Type: And actress.
Other: Margo loves to write, and admires the details in life.
+Jack Sparrow
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Dan was sitting in his room on his bed, scrolling through Tumblr, when a message appeared on his Twitter feed

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Name: Natalie Portman
Age: 33
Celebrity type: Actress
Sexuality: Strait
Relationship: Benjamin Millepied
Bio: Became an actress at age 11 and was an actress for many successful movies soon after(as a young adult)

I walk across the stage and take a seat at the piano. I start playing a calm and slow song. I look up and see you standing there....

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Name: Rosanna Pansino

Age: 30

Relationship: Single

Birthday: June 10, 1984

Celebrity Type: YouTuber, baker, social media personality, singer

Bio: Pansino's grandmother had a passion for baking that Pansino inherited. She began her YouTube channel after she was encouraged by a few of her professional YouTuber friends. She started to make videos on YouTube to get more comfortable in front of a camera. Her baking show started after she filmed the process of making themed treats at a party and gained momentum as her viewers began to enjoy it and started to request more. Because she never saw a geeky baking show on television or the Internet, Pansino decided to create her own.Rosanna Pansino has uploaded more than 100 cake, cookie and cupcake recipes as part of the Nerdy Nummies series. Its success has driven her channel to 3.5 million total subscribers and an average of 50 million views per month. Pansino's creative combination of two seemingly very different genres, her consistent programming and her savvy annotation strategy have all contributed to her success on Nerdy Nummies is Pansino's YouTube baking show. Each episode of the show is a tutorial on how to make a nerd-themed baked good and often features popular YouTube personalities such as Rhett and Link, Smosh, and Jordan Maron. Nerdy Nummies mostly features baking creations resembling characters and objects from video games, television shows, books, and films. Nerdy Nummies comes out every Tuesday and DIY or special (sometimes non-baking) videos every Saturday.

Sexuality: she keeps that private

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