I'm new to Mapometer so please bear with me if I'm appearing to be dumb.

How do I point out footpaths that are missing from the map?

Just discovered this great mapping tool for walks, does anybody know if you can add or overlay text to the map?

Android 4.2.2
could not link to existing account.
message show:Failed to link to account:undefined

Hi, have downloaded the app to a Nexus 7 2013. Wanted to take the tablet today walking with me to follow a pre-loaded route using GPS only on offline OSM maps. The download of offline map tiles is really quite simple (e.g. compared to Viewranger) Worked well in the field - but autopaused  twice unprompted. A couple of suggestions for what I would regard as improvements - the track generated has the same colour as the route  - thus it's difficult to distinguish the two and that might be crucial. Also when in 'follow' mode if you zoom in to get close up detail the map won't allow you to stay zoomed in - but automatically draws out after a few seconds to show the whole route - which I found frustrating. But it's definitely useable for following a gpx route. Hope this is of use.

Just installed this app. First time I went to load a saved map from the laptop, it crashed. Second time it worked fine, rebooted and opened a second map and it crashed again.

Hi guys,

New to Google plus can anyone help me with how I need to download the beta app?


Just been exploring app with my Moto G. All working fine until I tried using offline maps and then it crashed.

Can't link to my account.  Sony Xperia z3 compact D5833 running 4.4.2.  Haven't tried the mapping function yet.  Will do on next run.  At the moment can't link to my account.   Message says "Failed to link to account: undefined" Will try again in about an hour.

Version 1.3.3 is now available.

This just a has a couple of minor interface tweaks and 1 bugfix over the previous version.

If we don't hear about any significant issues in the next couple of days, we'll be publishing the app to the main Google Play store.

New Beta version 1.3.2 is now available.
This release has a few bug fixes and a couple of interface tweaks.

We're very close to taking the app out of beta and putting it onto Google Play properly. So if you have any bug reports, usability issues, or just comments please let us know now.
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