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Case Study: Office of Environment & Heritage: Three iAwards for their Data Portal, SEED

The Office of Environment & Heritage had received three coveted iAwards for their first whole-of-government Data Portal called SEED (Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data) Portal, an online portal which enables a variety of environmental data in NSW to be accessed by local communities, industry including planners and decision makers to help build a deeper understanding of their local environment.

The iAwards, that include the Infrastructure and Platform Innovation of the Year Cross-Technology Category, Public Sector and Government Markets, and a new NSW Government iAward for Public Sector and Government Innovation.

Hear about how the NSW Government established SEED, the first whole-of-government data portal co-designed through extensive user community engagement. Their new portal offers a central source of environmental data for anyone to access, share and visualise, without the need for specialist expertise or software.

This presentation the development process for SEED: where we came from, where we are, and where we’re going.
This essential session will show you:
* Best-of-class technologies enabling greater insights
* Increase government data transparency
* Promote collaboration between user communities that wasn’t previously possible at:

The Data and Information Guide to Intelligence in Australia
#dataday #infoday
28-29 Nov 2017, Novotel on Collins, Melbourne, Australia

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What came first: Data or Information? and how do you make them work together effectively?

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The Data and Information Guide to Intelligence
A Two Day Case Study and Hands-On Forum
28-29 Nov 2017, Melbourne, Australia
Each Day is Separately Bookable(but we suggest going to both)

This newly created forum, separates and then brings together the essential parts of any organisations need to garner intelligence from their data and information. You cannot cover everything in two days, but you can look at and improve on the glaring issues within data and information, that will save you time to move your projects forward.

Day One: The Data Day
Data Stewardship
Data and Tech
Data Standards
Barriers to Good Data and Overcoming Them
Effective tracking and correcting
How open data is being provided & used
Deidentifying data for use through open data\public platforms
Social bot detection for data integrity and validity
Data anonymization for publishing and sharing social media datasets
Practical & policy challenges of preserving social media data
Data governance in a big data space
Lost Data Speak in Translation: Connecting the Business Centres
Business and asset governance
Establishing data standards within an organisation

Day Two: The Information Day
Justifying continuous improvement
Information Stewardship
Data and Tech
Data Analytics to Intelligence
Information Analysis to Intelligence
Information Governance
The Barriers
Business and asset governance

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Is Artificial Intelligence the future of Information Governance in Australia: PwC

Matt Kuperholz the Chief Data Scientist for PricewaterhouseCoopers looks at practical AI and Information Governance and making faster and better decisions
will talk about the application of machine learning to detailed information to provide valuable and actionable insight at:

Harnessing Your Most Important Asset: Information Governance Australia 2017
14-15 June 2017, Mantra on Russell, Melbourne, Australia
@dqapac #infogov
A One Day Forum with Two Interactive Workshops

This hands-on forum will aim to provide community-driven best practices to enable information management professionals in advancing your IG practices, reducing risk and increasing the value of your information and processes through real case studies and practical stories of challenges overcome.

Department of Education and Training
Monash University
Department of Defence
National Archives of Australia
Clear Strategic IT
Department of Human Services

Workshop A: Information Governance: Are you ready to govern in a world with the emerging business use of Big Data, Machine Intelligence, KM and Geospatial, Robin Wall, Lead Consultant, Beyond IT
Workshop B: You can’t manage what you don’t measure, Rick Andrews, Senior IT Domain Specialist, Telstra

* Technology trends globally and domestically
* Machine Intelligence: Cognitive Engines
* Large-scale data collection
* Strategies for ownership of Information Governance
* Interoperable information systems
* Asset management and geospatial data
* Measuring the Value of IG
* Data Quality Management
* Digital Continuity 2020
* Blueprint to solving recent privacy and security issues

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#RecordsManagement helps an organization get a 360° view of its structured and #UnstructuredData. To know more, register for a free webinar.

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For the first time in Australia, there are two interactive modules run over just one 

day, where you receive straight forward guidelines and processes for the creation and 

capture of digital records and all the fundamental concepts for EDRM that can be easily 

transferrable into your workplace.

The Essentials - Electronic Documents and Records Management 
9 December 2015, Rydges Sydney Central, Sydney
Two Highly Interactive Workshop Modules over One Day
$895 plus gst(if you book early)

First-hand insights on:
Security, Disposal and Access
Maintaining Physical and Digital Records
Identifying Issues and Developing a Strategies
Upskilling Staff
How to Make the Move: Physical to Digital
The Tools and Technology
Gaining Buy-In for your Strategies

The Essentials Area

Receive straight forward guidelines and processes for creation and capture of digital 

records and all the fundamental concepts for EDRM that can be easily transferrable into 

your workplace.

Also coming up:

Not on Google

The Australian Public Sector Library Assembly
A Two Day Highly Developmental Tool-kit
with Interactive Workshops and Case Study Sessions:
2-3 December 2015, Rydges Capital Hill, Canberra, ACT

Transforming the Role of Libraries in the Australian Public Sector

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Four Upcoming Information Management Forums Across Australia 

There are critical demands during any change within the information department of any organisation. The four forums below approach information from different levels and the forums will be presented through keynotes, panels, case studies, project updates and round table discussions focusing on the eclectic issues that come in play with a continually changing information landscape.


Roll outs, Implementation, People, Change Management, User Adoption & Systems Integration
EDRM Government Australia 2015
The Next Steps Towards True Digital Business
One-day case study led forum with two half day workshops
17-18 June 2015 Rydges Swanston, Melbourne

Case Studies AND Strategies from:
Administrative Appeals Tribunal
Australian National Audit Office
State Trustees Ltd: Winner of the 2011 -
RIM Professionals Australasia Victorian Individual Achievement Award
City of Yarra
Enterprise Knowledge Pty Ltd.
Courts Administration Authority
North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation
National Museum Australia

Knowledge Management Australia 2015: The Discovery and Re-Discovery of Knowledge 
4-6 August 2015, Rydges Melbourne
Two-day Connected Congress and Six Post-Forum Workshops

Some of over 23 Leaders for KM Australia 2015
Cirque De Soleil - Canada
Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business,
Westminister College – USA
Bill Kaplan, Founder and Principal,
Working KnowledgeCSP LLC – USA
Department of Economic Development, Jobs,Transport and Resources


Information Management and Governance Australia 2015
One day case study led forum plus two post forum workshops
22-23 July 2015, Pavilion on Northbourne, Canberra

Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers
Silver Chain
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Universities Australia
Macquarie University


Where will Australian Libraries be 10 years From Now - How Will We Get There?
The Australian Library Evolution 2015
19-21 August 2015, Rydges Sydney Central, Sydney
SAVE $400 if you join before the early bird

A Two Day Highly Developmental Tool-kit
with Interactive Workshops and Case Study Sessions
City of Sydney
TAFE NSW Riverina Institute
Department of Parliamentary Services
Western Health Library Service
The Alannah and Madeline Foundation

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CASA: Aviation and the Information Future

Doug Melville, Knowledge & Information Management Services, CASA looks at the answers for: When does Digital become Disruptive? How the information audience is changing, what it means when increasingly what we curate is mediated through and by machines at:

Information Management and Governance Australia 2015, Canberra
$995 + gst for forum only
One day case study led forum plus two post forum workshops
22-23 July 2015, Pavilion on Northbourne, Canberra

Best Practice, Case Studies and Strategies
to Address the Continually Changing Information Landscape

Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers
Silver Chain
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Universities Australia
Macquarie University
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