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This is a new Revolution in Medical Energy EMRO!!! COME WITH ME AND CHECK OUT THIS NEW BUSINESS!

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Don't miss this very lucrative pay, network marketing and a B2B side and bribging on Doctors very professional making 40% ends Wednesday night at midnight!

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Good morning all of you lovely and great Networkers and business ladies and gentlemen I hope you all had a blessed and thankful Memorial Day.

I'm want to spread some more news about MedicusGlobal, We have till 11:59pm Wednesday to get people in for the 40% commission earning deal. After that it will drop to 20% earning.

If anyone has questions just ask for my cell number, work number, email, or let's schedule a coffee meeting. I look forward to working and taking to each and everyone of you great people.

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#MedicusGlobal #Earnmoore #MakeLifeAnAdventure

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Online Marketers, Direct Sales, Doctors, and all professionals. The reason I became part of Medicus Global Llc, is how they are adding such great value to everyone with TeleMed alone, it's awesome. Let's connect and chat soon.

Have a blessed day and a fantastic week.

James Moore
Medicus Consultant

#Earnmoore #StayBlessed #MakeLifeAnAdventure
I woke thinking about something this morning. What if... in one month one deal can make you $5 to as much as five hundred plus thousand dollars per month for one three or five years depending on what agreement is agreed to. And I'm not asking you to leave your company.

Let me ask you a question do millionaires have their hands in one thing or multiple things?

These big Network marketers have their hands in more than one thing even though they're making 22 a couple hundred thousand dollars a month.
"ProStatus In The Making"

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