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Narration: Tyrant Planet. A planet that's filled with dangers, dangers, & more dangers. The planet get that's name, from the amount of tyrants that thrive upon on. Ranging from peaceful, City level begins to Multiversal, god-like creatures. The planet, itself, is so unsafe, that even the most well armed humans, stand not even a day...on this planet. Tyrant Planet was first discovered in 1983, by Dr. Scott Bechoff. He discovered the planet while searching for more new stars...with a bigass telescope. Caught his attention, he notice something that looks similar to Earth, but said it has more land than Earth's as well. He looked closer onto it & notice, the atmosphere, itself, is very purely, making it completely breathable. Some randomass scientist even plan to go & visit there. Once they got there, they all died, immediately. News spread & everyone is flipping out about the disappearance of the scientist. Years passed, everyone seemed to forget about Tyrant Planet. The scientist, Dr. Bechoff has passed away & every scientist now...are thinking..."what have ever happened to those scientist, that went to Tyrant Planet...back in 1983". Now, Tyrant Planet is human-free, the big, red dino, Thaloch , is protecting the whole planet from trespasser. While Rexy, is in 2nd charge...of protecting some unique landscapes, seas, &, of coarse, life...that's native...on Tyrant Planet

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Namw: FW Godzilla
Gender: Male
Size: 100 meters tall
Biggest feat: Tanked a huge explosion from an asteroid.

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I will annihilate every dinosaur in my path
Animated Photo

It's been day 100 something, no sign of any super dino activity. The scientists are starting to wonder if all of the dinos have went to sleep or somethin', no one knows the true answer. Until, Godzilla, shows up, but with a few injuries from possible battles. Then, came in +Tarojuniaゴジラ, another super dino, but has no injuries what so ever. The two meet up in an empty, deserted, large desert on once called Super Dinosaur Island 2.0, now called Tyrant Island, where only the strongest are allowed, while the weak, perish

(I can't think of a good rp. Since most of them have already been taken...)

Name: Apex
Age: early forties
Gender: female
Species: hybrid, base genome is giganotosaurus
what makes it a hybrid: Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Allosaurus, Alligator, Utahraptor, and some human (which was the brain mostly), and some sauropod, a sailfish, and a cheetah, and one unknown animal which gave her the energy blast and her beam, and someone put a drill on the end of her tail which mixes with the energy.
Personality: highly aggressive around other predators, but curious and semi-friendly around certain herbivores and prey, she doesn't seem to eat much, only maybe one sauropod per day or another semi-large predator.
height: 320 feet
weight: 1,000 tons
Home: jungle and some open plains
Diet: Omnivore
Status: alive
Sexuality: heterosexual
Mate: none (wants one though)
Babies: none
Friends: none (used to know Dinotrum for a while)
Likes: hunting, eating, sleeping when she needs to
Dislikes: failing to get food, the feeling of being hunted, and not sleep when she needs to.
Night Vision Level: 9/10
Jaw Strength Level: 10/10
Speed: 9/10
Intelligence Level: 9/10
willpower level: 10/10
Energy: "Spiral Energy" a brief explanation Spiral Power is the power of evolution, generated by beings capable of doing so, like humans and other DNA-based animals, whose spiral double helix molecular structure allows them to get stronger through the generations. Spiral Power is what connects spiral beings to the universe and is produced by the energy generated by gametogenesis in living creatures to keep evolution moving forward.The amount of Spiral Power produced by an individual may vary and is based not only on its own limitations but also its immediate will to survive and persevere.
Weapons: teeth strong enough to bite through steel
claws sharp and strong enough to cut through steel
tail smack and tail smash
toe claw slash and jab
Energy blast and beam of immense power
Drill on tip of tail.
abilities: swimming at high speeds
being able to stand on either hind legs or all fours
great sense of smell
high agility and reflexes
running at high speeds without getting tired for a long period of time
high stamina & endurance, and durability and dexterity
hands with five claws that almost work like fingers
can speak some human
and can drill/dig up things using the drill on the tip of her tail.
special attacks: Energy blast, a blast of energy is sent out around her in a small radius that looks like a wave and it knocks down most things or destroys anything in the radius
The energy beam, A beam of pure green energy that can rip a hole through almost anything, but sadly not the shield around the island.
Giga Tail Break, the drill on the end of her tail starts spinning and gets surrounded in green energy and becomes ten times bigger than her and she then proceeds to lunge at whatever gets in her way which then leaves a large hole in the thing or animal, which would instantly kill it, the only side effects are that her tail will hurt extremely badly for the rest of the day and into the morning of the next day.
Theme Song: No Scared by One Ok Rock
Bio: she was an egg inside of a test tube inside of a testing facility on the island, they started inserting DNA of different animals into her while she was in her embryo, when she hatched she looked a monster a mix of so many different animals, but they quickly lost control of her and she escaped quickly before they could contain her and now has claimed some of the territories of smaller and more basic animals, which included some of the jungle and the plains.

Apex was wandering around the island not sure what to do, she just ate a sauropod and she was full, she could terrorize some smaller animals, but she just didn't seem in the mood, she felt really tired and sleepy and kind of grouchy, so she went to a large cave and crawled inside of it with some of her snout sticking out of the entrance of the cave. that's when you find her snout sticking out of the cave
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