Hi Guys, Is there any relationship between Adword spending & Google Local Pack and Local Organic position?

In other words do your AdWords advertising campaigns have an impact on your local pack rankings.

Does Google rewards those running Adwords campaigns?

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One of our clients is facing a unique problem - their site is ranking on top positions in Google.com.au (Melbourne), but only in the evening, when business is least. In the morning and throughout the day, they are nowhere to be found in Local Pack results, which other competitors would dominate. They would not be found from ~7am-4pm and would get rank after 4pm on 1st position, and would again disappear the next morning. 

We've been observing this nature since past few days for this particular site, when none of the competitors would disappear. This is happening well before Google rolled out the update which slimmed down Local pack results to 3 listings.

Business Name: Melbourne Vacate & Carpet Cleaning
Site: http://goo.gl/0zXIkF
Region: Melbourne, AU
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Do local businesses really have the edge over their e-commerce counterparts when it comes to dealing with negative online feedback? 

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? About Getting Listings for Satellite Offices Compliant with Google My Business Guidelines

I have a client with listings in Google+ for a handful of satellite offices in addition to their main offices. These offices are primarily used for meetings when serving clients in the area.

They are willing to staff these offices in order to be compliant with Google's guidelines and do things properly.

So long as they are staffed by someone who can 100% provide in person service during stated hours, we'd be compliant, correct? 

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How do New Businesses Show (especially when they haven't put up a finished website???)
I took a look at a new restaurant in my region.  I was a bit familiar with the new establishment and was curious about visibility.

THREE DIFFERENT Views, depending on whether using Bing, Signed into Google or Searching from Incognito mode.

The restaurant name is Driftwood Kitchen.  The url is http;//driftwooddc.com   For whatever reasons the restaurant opened and they haven't finished their website yet.

So how does it look?

Without content, NAP data, etc.  the smb has terrible presence in Google now.  The URL with unfinished data is ranked on the 2nd page.   That URL has not gained google's trust.

Meanwhile the first page google serps were different between signed in and not signed in.   I had looked at reviews in Yelp.  So when signed in the Yelp page turns up first.   But when looking thru Google Incognito view the #1 serp is twitter.  I suppose that is where google is finding the most related authority.

Things are different on Bing.  Bing uses Yelp's reviews.  Searching for Driftwood Kitchen DC in Bing gave me the Yelp review, the URL and a local presence.

I suspect in a short time a website will be up, the site will show well for its name inside google.   Meanwhile though, there are still tons of searches every day and every week that will be by location;  in this instance it could be "restaurants H Street, "restaurants Atlas District, and restaurants Capitol Hill" among others.

For the time being this group will lose out on any of that traffic in Google.

Moral of the story.  Get that website up with good contact info.
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Thumbtack--Classified Advertising Web business--Wants us to pay for Leads--Give me a Break--some come directly off our site(s)

Yesterday one of our smb's got a lead from Thumbtack.  We had an opportunity to submit a "bid" with a price quote.  It was the first time we've facing paying for these submittals since Thumbtack started charging for them.  Its also subsequent to a huge successful fund raising effort on their behalf via VC's.

Thumbtack evidently started charging for these leads/price submittals this past July.  They aren't expensive....but .....and here is the kicker!!!!   I know a fair number of thumbtack Leads COME OFF OUR WEBSITE.   

The nerve of them!!!!    

This smb started using thumbtack abt 3 years ago.  We dropped a link to thumbtack  on the bottom of one page of the website.  It was sort of innocuous.  Through email I was able to review the quantity of all leads off of thumbtack since we started using them.

Its a Handful.  Over the 3 years we received LESS THAN about 1/3 of 1 percent of all our leads via thumbtack.  VERY  SMALL NUMBER.

WE spoke with some of those leads.  WE KNOW some read our website, clicked on that lead to the thumbtack site and were presented with the ASK for a quote opportunity.  Some of the thumbtack leads used that and also contacted us via phone or via contact forms on our website.   

So lets assume at least half the leads to the smb came via the link on our site.   That isn't Thumbtack.  That is a clever link to generate requests for business.

heck.  I took off the link to thumbtack and we are going to "pepper our site with similar opportunities.  We'll see how they work.

But PAY THUMBTACK for leads that come off our own site????

N.E.V.E.R.   (the nerve of them!!!!)

Have any of you used them???

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THE ASTOUNDING DROP IN FACEBOOK FAN PAGE ENGAGEMENT.  As of last December Facebook acknowledged and it was published that their algos were going to reduce fan page engagement.  Here is the article:  http://adage.com/article/digital/facebook-admits-organic-reach-brand-posts-dipping/245530/

So we looked at the last 25 posts for one of our smb's which covered slightly more than 2 weeks.  I haven't gone back to measure or average fan page engagement from last year, but before the drop started occurring this smb probably got engagement in a range of from 400 to 1500 people.   

Our average engagement over the last 25 posts= 240 people.  Yikes!!!   That isn't a drop.  That is falling off a precipice.  I guess FB wants our advertising $$$.   How about you??

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Google recently announced SSL is a ranking factor. Here are a couple things to consider before making the leap. http://dagmarmarketing.com/https-for-seo/
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