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I hope you enjoy 

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All of the mcd and mysteet Aarmau that happened
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Hi so this is my first Story!Hope you guys enjoy it! This is not really that Aarmau related since it's about Aphmau and Aaron's daughter.Here you guys voted in for their child to be a girl and my friend and I agreed as well!
So enjoy! ^.~ (Pls don't ask me when I'm going to continue cuz idk! xP)


Aarmau ~ MCD

Chapter 1 ~ The Name

As the sun sets the light from the outside starts fading.Aphmau had prefered the night as she could rest and sleep more often,since in the day time she has to take care of Lillith.She understand that Zoey is always there to help but,since Lillith's dad had passed away she needed all the love she could get from her mother.The only parent she had left.During these 8,soon to be 9 months that have passed,Aphmau has been prepering for her 4th child.The child she will give birth to.A few months earlier Zoey and Dr.
Doctor have told her she is going to have a baby girl.A pleasent surprise.Aphmau hasen't told everyone about the baby's gender yet.Only the people present at the time the baby's gender was anounced know.
The people are Kiki,Garroth,Malachi,Zoey,Lucinda,Levin and Katelyn.The other's are yet to know.Lately everyone has alot of duties needed to be taken care of.Garroth headed looking for Laurance,A,friend...
a lost.Malachi and Levin also busy with Lord duties and the Alliance,while Aphmau is taking on the hardest job of them all...A pregnancy.Withought a fother to help Aphmau is left to take care of her soon to be daughter.As Aphmau drifted out of her thoughts she looked over to Lillith.She was sound asleep.Aphmau smilled.She gently picked Lillith up taking her upstairs to her bedroom.Her cheecks were a bright pink and her hair has grown longer.Aphmau gently placed Lillith inside her crib and kissed her forehead.Before she could exit the room she heard her waking up."Mama?"A tired voice reached out from the crib.She couldn't turn around.She couldn't leave.As she aproached the crib Lillith reached out trying to hug her mother.Aphmau held her in her arms."What's wrong?"Aphmau asked moving a streak of hair off her forehead."Where da-da?"Lillith asked as her big blue eyes opened.Aphmau's tired eyes widend and tears went down her cheecks.She knew how much Lillith loved Aaron and it hurt her to see her daughter thinking her fother's still alive.She wiped her tears and something fell out of her pocket.It was a paper.She reached down and unfolded the paper still holding Lillith.As she read it she noticed it was the message Aaron left her.She read a few sentences which turned her frown upside down.She then folded the paper puting it back in her pocket."He's always in you're heart..."She smilled at Lillith,and the girl smilled back.After tucking Lillith in it was already night.The brightest star on the sky reminded her of her deceased lover.She smilled wiping her tear away.A light knock was heard on the door.Hesetating to open the door she walked downstairs.Her eyes widend at the sight that was brought to her eyes.Her son that she didn't see in a long time has finaly returned."Hello mother."He smilled."L-levin!"Aphmau yelped huging him tightly.The two hugged and sat on the couch Yip and Travis made.
"I missed you so much Levin."
"I missed you two mother...It's just all the Lord duties..They're driving me crazy!"
"I know.It's hard to take on a Alliance and Lord duties at the same time-"
"Malachi has been very usfull mother.He has been working hard and helping during the hard times."
"Really?That's wonderfull.I would love to help but-"
"Mother. All I want you to do is give birth to the little bundle of joy,safe and sound okay?"
"Alright...I still I'm a...burden.."
"You're not.I would give up my duties at any time just for you.Just like you did for me.What's her name going to be?"
"Aariana.."After a few minutes Levin left and Aphmau returned to her slumber thinking of her daughter.


Hope you guys enjoyed it it took me an hour to make.If I have any mistakes here pls do tell me so I could correct!Thank you for reading!

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Am I the only one the loved Aphmau's new video its so funny and adorable!!!

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