Matt 18:19
Why does Jesus say not to call him good?

So y’all tell me what your thoughts are on Luke 12:49-53. My study bible don’t really cover it.

Happy New Year!

I wonder what was going on in the mind of Mary and Joseph the day before Jesus birth. Traveling and looking for a place for Jesus to be born and ending up in a barn. The most humble of a birth for the king of kings. Great lesson as most of us are focused on how well received our gift will be to our loved ones this Christmas Eve.

Some info from my friends at Gospel Community Church.

STARTING JANUARY 7th, Gospel Community Church will be hosting SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE!!!! A time of good Music, Fellowship, Friendship, and Fun for Owensboro Area Musicians and Vocalists.

Do you play an instrument or sing? YOU'RE INVITED!

Each week, we'll pick ONE new song to learn (in multiple ways if needed), then spend the remainder of the evening "Jammin'" together, hanging out together, and glorifying God through the gift of music that He has given us!

(Please Note: Childcare will not be provided, and only children 10 years old+ who play and instrument and wish to learn and/or participate should attend)

We are testing out this new community for Owensboro area Christian men to be able to connect in Christ. I always love getting together with my Christian brothers so with this, I hope a group of us can stay connected. I often have questions about a bible verse, or just want to get an opinion about something from a Christian friend. Hopefully this will help us all to grow in Christ together.


Jesus lived for me, so I might know the way to live. Jesus died for me so that I may have everlasting life through him. Jesus defied death, so that I could find comfort and refuge in him throughout this life!
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