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Also what is the name of this Kingdom again???

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Quote - "Sweet as sugar, cold as ice. Hurt me once, I'll kill you twice."

Name - Haruko Nanami

Meaning - Sunny Sea

Nickname - Ruko, Aru

Eye color - Deep green

Hair color - Dark brown

Age - (Depends on Rp) 18 - 26

Weapons - (listed below also in pictures)
Smoke pearl - a small glass pearl containing a mix of chemicals that when smashed create a thick smoke

Tarot cards tipped with iron edges - Allows her to throw them as if they were blades making them a deadly weapon and she has many of the same special cards modified for special use only

The Dagger - when this card is thrown the symbol will split into multiple steel thin copies effectively making a scattering weapon the blades while not that strong are used to overwhelm the opponent with the dagger shaped blades

Fire - When this card is thrown it explodes upon impact capable of leaving a hole in the thickest of iron walls

Winds of Change - She throws her signature card the "Winds of Change". This one is in essence an effect roulette. It has random effects on people ranging from becoming electrified, lighting zaps, streams of fire, doing the same as the other two card and many more. These are all the possible effects of the "Winds of Change". What makes it even more surprising is that even she does not know which effect will happen when used thus making them a useful weapon

Abilities (NO SUPERPOWERS) - very acrobatic and flexible, tarot cards, fortune telling, palm reading, dancing, singing, fighting

Crew/Guild -

Role/class (Pirate, Thief, Shopkeeper etc) - Gypsy

Personality - kind, caring, secretive, mysterious, brave, cunning, tricky, naive

Bio - Her father was a toy shop owner. Her mother an ex-gypsy. They lived together for many years and soon had a daughter named Haruko, but when a disease ran rampant throughout the kingdom and her father died, and her mother went back to the Gypsy ways to help keep her daughter alive. Her mother eventually caught the disease and died as well. She was orphaned at the age of five and left with the tribe of Gypsies who took care of her, and taught her their ways. She was different though. She believed in working to get what you need not stealing it. Eventually though like every Gypsy she was being chased by the Knights. She once had a run in with a royal prince who had disguised himself as a peasant so he could escape his palace duties. She took care of him and helped him out but after that day she hadn't really seen him again. She spent many weeks looking for him but always ended her search empty-handed. She still searches for him among earning money as a dancer, singer and waitress at bars.
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"Who am I? Just a man seeking sanctuary from his past."
Name: Axeaus Hysinson
Occupation: Mercenary.
Age: 35
Weapons: Twin swords.
Skills: Sword fighting, agility, strength.
Bio: Once a soldier of a distant country that was constantly at war, Axeaus did many things he would regret later, especially after his promotion to general. When his company was captured, he was sentenced to death as a murderer, but on the day of the execution, another attack caused a distraction that allowed him to escape. But rather than return to his own country, he fled here, hoping to escape his past.
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(Open RP! +Gyro Scope +Rachel Shadowhunter)
The kingdom is draped in black. King William IV has fallen in battle, and his son is in line to take the throne. The funeral is now, and mourners have assembled outside of the castle. Amalia, disheveled and weary, perches on a parapet. He died. The king died for my sake...

((CLOSED +Gyro Scope+Nyx Jordan))

Annabelle is peacefully walking through the castle gardens. There is a young Lady-in-Waiting with her, because of her pregnancy. They were making their way through the rose garden, when they hear a thud behind them. Annabelle turns, just in time to notice and recognize Erik before she feels something hit her in the neck. Gasping, she falls back, into the arms of the Lady-in-Waiting.....

Not long after the young girl bursts into the banquet hall, where Annabelle was supposed to meet everyone else. Panting, the poor girl cries out, "Help! The princess has been kidnapped!" before collapsing to the ground. 

(Open RP +Gyro Scope +Rachel Shadowhunter) Amalia takes a deep breath, checking her mask for the thousanth time before bringing her hands over her white gown. It is her betrothal celebration, and she is just as nervous as her future husband, Prince Matthew. She clutches her wooden cross as she waits for the trumpet to sound for her enterance.

(Closed to +Rachel Shadowhunter and +Nyx Jordan. Where we left off.)

I sigh happily. Come on, let's go.

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((OPEN RP +Edward Newton +Nyx Jordan))

Annabelle is out in the gardens, humming to herself and tossing breadcrumbs left over from previous meals to the many birds, and smiles as she watches them. Then...
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