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Pooja saree function
pooja saree function
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A life that god gave to us is very precious as Kohinoor diamond . but we are not caring .we all have only one life only one chance to do good things. We should feel proud because we born as humans .as we are humans we should know that how we should be as kindly , truthful , politely,calm ,playful,joyful ,energetic . but we should not be lazy

A moral realistic story today you got ur marksheet ur marks were very poor u have tare the marksheet and throwed else where u came with a big smile by saying I got 98℅out of 100℅ to ur mom .and she made your favorite snacks she felt very happy ur father felt very happy and bought rc plane that day ur very happy u enjoyed a lot after five days parent teachers meet . ur nervous teacher said bad about u . ur real marks came out of teacher . so ur mom dad beat u that day was very sad . moral if u hide a truth next day it appear clearly

To lead a happy life u just forget all your mistakes and next time onwards be truthful. If u be truthfull nobody can do u any thing because truth is the power of the victim
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