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my niece wanted me to post this picture, she says this is her boyfriend... and she's 4!!!

1 Hire a professional photographer to take your photos. Run an Internet search. Look through your phone book. Phone up local agencies and ask them which photographers they use.

2 Call up or, even better, visit the photographers you have found. Ask them about things like pricing, format of the film/digital photos and how long you usually have to wait between the shoot and getting the photos. Also, ask to see a sample of the photographers work.
Most agencies will have a list of "test photographers" that they can recommend you use if you are trying to sign specifically with them. These photographers are often also experienced at general portfolio building as well.
3 Hire a professional make-up artist. If you are lucky, the photographer will sort this out for you but remember to ask if the cost of the make-up artist is included in the fee or if you have to pay extra. If the photographer isn't providing one, search for one in the same way you searched for your photographer.

4 Look through fashion magazines and clothes catalouges and find poses you like. Practice in front of a mirror.

5 Decide on a number of looks you want to do. Ideally, you should pick at least three and they should demonstrate a wide variety (so not all jeans and t-shirt shots!!). If you have a special skill, such as ballet, you may even want to consider taking some photos in your ballet outfit and even making a pose.

6 Keep your hair, skin and nails in good condition in the run up to the shoot. If you need a hair cut, get one.
7 Once you have decided what clothes to wear, make sure they are clean and put to one side for the shoot well in advance. Ideally, you should have decided upon your outfits and have them ready at least 5 days before the shoot.
848 hours before the shoot, call your photographer and make-up artist to make sure everything is still ok.

9 The day before the shoot, make sure you get a good night's sleep and stay away from alcohol.
10 The morning of the shoot, double check that your bag is packed and that you have money for travel fares and parking fees. Aim to arrive 10 minutes before you are due (and make sure that time has accounted for applying make-up!). Carry the photographer's number on you and give them a call if you realize you might be late.
11 Discuss what sort of looks you want to go for with the photographer. After this, you will probably have your make-up applied.
12 Enjoy your photoshoot! Listen carefully to what the photographer wants. Try not to be nervous but do acknowledge that feeling as normal...even models who have been working for years upon years get nervous.
13 Once the shoot is over, pay your fees as required and write a thank you note to the photographer and your make-up artist.
14 Once you have your photos, sort out the ones you like from the ones that aren't so good. Enlist family and friends to help out. Remember that less is more - if you only find 5 magical shots, use these and stop. That's far better than using 25 which are just "ok".

15 Buy a folder to put your photos in. Most models opt for hardcover books with ready attached plastic folders.

16 Sort out your portfolio in to the order which best presents you as you want to be presented as a model. Try different combinations until you feel satisfied you have found the right one.
17 Remember to keep updating your portfolio as you begin to work as a model.
18 Finished.

1. Go through your wardrobe. Make a keep pile and a Give Away/Throw out pile. You should keep anything fashionable. Your style should be girly-Glamorous with a touch of your own personal style. 
2. In the give away pile put anything cheap, ugly, too big, too small and casual GET RID OF ALL CASUAL CLOTHES!!!!! 
2. Go shopping, I've made a shopping list for you at the end 
Body and Figure 
1. Excersise, I know you've heard this a thousand times, but it works. NO SPORTS! The most popular girl is always girly. So do gymnastics, cheer-leading, running, horse riding, or even tennis. 
2. Eat right. Try to cut down on junk food and eat a lot of fruit and vedgetables 
3. Drink Lots of water 
1. Brush every morning, afternoon and night 
2. Use Mouthwash 
3. Always have breath mints on hand 
4. Use an electric toothbrush and whitening toothpaste 
1. Brush your hair Before school, in the bathroom at lunchtime and break time, after school and in the evening. 
2. Style your hair in a different way every day, use cute accessories and make your hair totally fabulous 

Reputation and building up to popularity 
1. If you already have BFF's (best friends) then tell them you want to form a clique with you as the alpha, do whatever it takes to convince them. If they say they don't want to do it gradually, earn their trust and get them to listen to you, you'll become a clique and they won't realise it when your doing all cliquey stuff together. 
2. If you don't have BFF's look around the school. are there fabulous girls that always say they want to be in a clique? are there girls who with a little work could be fabulous with no friends that will do anything? Give them a makeover, make them Clique Material. 
3. Once you have the clique, decide on positions. There should be an alpha (leader) which should be you, a beta (2nd in command) Gamma (3rd) and a delta (4th) 
Alpha - The leader. The one the girls listen too and look up to, usually the most stylish and fashionable. 
Beta - 2nd in command to the alpha. Beta's are usually known to be the most beautiful girls in the clique and the biggest gossip. They usually have lots of good gossip. The Beta should have the 2nd best fashion sense in the group. If the Alpha is ever ill the Beta takes her place. A Beta is a follower but also a leader and helps the Alpha, they are the Alpha's best friend and knows the most about her. 
The Gamma - 3rd in command. Usually the happiest member of the group and has no problem with obeying the alpha, but occasionally speaks her mind. She should have a great smile. 
The Delta - 4th in command and the biggest follower of the group. Should be the best listener, but not some annoying clingy wannabe. 
4. You should be in the middle when you walk, your beta on your left, the Delta on her left, the Gamma on your right. 
5. Do cliquey things. Go shopping, have a spa-day, hang out. 
6. Have a lunch table you sit at every day, sit in a circle with you the most visible. 
7. If you are allowed, have sleepovers every week or every few weeks. You should be the host and the sleepovers should be fabulous. 
8. Have something you all wear, Like a piece of jewellery, a jacket etc. 
9. Have rules and a dress code 
Becoming Popular 
1. Talk to people, even if it's just saying "Hi" in the hallway, people love having conversations 
2. Have Self-confidence 
3. Smile! you may have every reason to be ticked off but everyone else might not know that. Be positive, and if you have something negative to say then say something positive to go with it (be negative in a positive way) 
4. Get acquaintances. 
5. Give people compliments every day 
6. If someone is mean to you, insult them, but otherwise be nice. Be nice to those who are nice to you, civil to those who you think are OK but not friends, and horrible to your enemies. 
7. Learn to brag without sounding self-absorbed 
8. Be a little bit bossy but in a cute way. 
Slang, gossip and trends 
1. Be up to date on the latest gossip, at school and with celebs. Check magazines and if you hear some gossip at school, great. 
2. A little gossip never hurt anyone, spread it around. If someone humiliates you, spread a rumour about them, it doesn't have to be true, does it? 
2. Try to pick up on slang and try to start a few slang words, getting your clique to use them. 
3. Start a trend with your clique! 

Shopping list 
Sparkly/sequin tops in pink, blue and purple 
A white top with sparkes/sequins 
Pink tops 
Pink dresses 
Denim skirts 
Mini skirts 
Long skirts 
Skinny jeans in blue, black, grey and white 
jackets that are CUTE 
any other glamorous/girlie/fashionable/elegant clothes 
a silver necklace with the first letter of your name on it 
a silver necklace with a star on it 
a silver necklace with a heart on it 
a silver necklace with dangly bits on it 
a silver necklace with a circle on it 
A gold necklace with the first letter of your name on it 
a few necklaces with big beads 
a few long necklaces to wear with shorter ones 
a mood ring 
a silver ring with a heart on it 
a diamond ring 
a ring with a precious stone in it (Ruby, Sapphire) 
a gold ring 
a set of silver bangles 
a set of pink bangles 
a set of blue bangles 
a set of purple bangles 
cute bracelets 
a charm bracelet 
a lot of bobbles in all different colours 
a few bandanna's ilon a lot of different colours 
a headband with a purple flower on it 
Hair extensions 
lots of cute headbands 
School Supplies 
fluffy ended pens 
gel pens 
a pen that's pink but writes blue 
cute pens 
cute pencils 
a fluffy pencil case 
a cute school bag 
oversized sunglasses 
CD's of the latest songs (if you want you can make one of your own of your and your cliques favourite songs)

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girly girls...say hello to my 2nd idol girly girl.... COCO JONES!!!!!

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i love her songs

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soooo girly! 
girly girl for life!!!
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