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Halo welcome to this community! Here are a few rules


Please keep it safe for work cause we have kids

Don't disrespect god aka Hailey Squad

Have fun! This doesn't affect your actual religion! It's just your internet one!


Isabella N Rodriguez
Lil' Milky
Cloud BAE

Owners: Me (Eko)
Hailey Squad (once she joins)
Sugar kitten

not ganna be on today or tommorow not for a bit actually so like im taking a short break so one hour until i gooo

here you guys can have 10 random facts about me!

1. I have 8 animals

2. My fav youtubers are dan and phil

3. I soend most of my life:
reading fanfics
youtube 4ever

4. I actual love nature and the outdoors.

5. I am mexican porto rician irish and a hella lot more

6. i love school! i meet most of my very close freinds there like my fren angel!

7. i hate bacon, pork and burritos

8. I am always Depressed for something idk wut

9. i started google plus around 20+ weeks ago not over 50 weeks though i started last year around november.

10. I joined bc of a youutber i cant remember inliked their art and saw a link to their pf on here and bam!

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