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Franco Soldera

Discussion  - 
Daniele's contribution :-)
static_file_handler - A static file Web server written in Dart
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Franco Soldera

Discussion  - 
Breaking change in dart:io

What changed?

The getter HttpRequest.queryParameters in library dart:io was removed.

Who is affected?

Users of HttpRequest.queryParameters from library dart:io.

How do I update my code?

The parsed query parameters is available from the Uri object on the request.





Why did this change happen?

Because the parsed query parameters is now available from the Uri object.

When will the change take effect?

The change was committed in revision r23413.

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Franco Soldera

Discussion  - 
What about meet the 11th of June for a beer and a informal chat, just to start the conversation on Dart and have some relaxing time? :-)
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let's see if the date is good also for the other members :-)
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