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Name: Mao Manoru Kiryu
Age: 27
Home: East blue
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: Like picture
Blood type: O-
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blood red
Devil fruit: Mera Mera no mi
Haki: King haki
Rank: Pirate
Skills: Master swords man
Weapons: same in picture
Status: Traveling the East blue looking for a crew.
Dream: To be King of the Pirates.
Bio: I was born in the East blue. When I was 4 my father came back from the Navy but it was too late. My mother died when I was 2 and I raised myself. My father too me with him to the Navy. When I turned 19 I ran away from my father and the Navy. I drifted a year before I landed on an island and was so hungry I ended up eating a devil fruit. I trained on the island for 5 years and then takes one year to start out in the world.
Ship: As in the picture
Ship name: Bloody Scarlet
Name of pirates: The Kiryu Pirates
Flag: As in the picture but blood red background and black skull
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Name:shinigami (goes by shin)
Age:good question
Race:angel of death
Powers:He lost many of his powers when he was banished by god so
Mele weapons swords and scyhtes are his profession
Ariel combat
Shinigami form the skeleton form makes him quicker and take less damage also if he kills you in that form he can eat you soul
Yeah thats really it for now
Weakness:he never ateba devil fruit so he can swim,
Holly things crosses,hollywater etc
His wings
Lack of energy easily fatigued
Yeah other than normal human weakness thats it
Bio:.......I was banished from my position by the gods dont question it
Crew:none for now
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(Dragon) at Goa Kingdom, looking at my sons bounty grinning 

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Name: Fruba Senri
Nickname: Senri
Gender: M
Age: 20
Devil Fruit: Ice Dragon Fruit
Description: Eating this fruit has allowed me to control and create ice from nothing and have ice dragon abilities.
Ability(s): Ice Dragon abilities (just ask)
Weapon: Body, Ice.
Occupation: Hunter
Bio: Always been the silent type, personality is usually calm and collective and often mistaken for being too serious. Recently met back up with his cousin/sworn brother (Misaki Yata) both causing an astronomical amount of mischief and mayhem! Always looking out for his Sister (Skye), making sure any moves or attempts towards her are demolished and their whole world comes crashing down.

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Members Of The Silvery Crow Family:

Misaki Yata ((me))
Fruba Senri ((+Fruba Senri ))
Ia ((+Skye IX ))
Mitsuki Sakura ((+Mitsuki Blake))
Monet ((to be determined))
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Silvery Crow Family
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Name: Ia
Nickname: Skye
Gender: F
Age: 16
Devil Fruit: Light Light Fruit
Description: the fruit allows me to move at the speed of light, i am also able to heal people with the touch of my hand, but can't heal myself.
Abilities: Super speed, healing
Weapons: Fists, Feet.
Occupation: Healer
Bio: Yata and Monet's younger cousin always willing to help others be it healing or fighting, loves hanging out with her older brother (Senri) even though she's a bit of a daydreamer... healer of the Silvery Crow Family
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Race:Possessed human
Powers:he has control over sand unlike crocodile who is a logia devil fruit user he has not eaten a devil fruit and has the power due to his demon,the sand can be condensed to be extremely hard and durable,he has a limited amount of sand as much as he can fill in his gord
Personality:he is quiet and keeps to himself staying very calm at times and is quite insane
Crew:searching for now
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Race:possessed human
Powers:his power relys on fire not a logia he uses his demonic powers,he can also condense his own energy into a ball to attack enemies though he cannot control his powers
Personality:he is calm at most times and trains alot,he hates marines and cannot stand the sight of them,he likes partying and is rarely mad unless a marine is around
Bio:he grew up in a small village his parents we're killed by the villagers yet he wouldn't die he spent his days at the pier watching the ships sail,when he turned 8 the marine's destroyed his village and he fled he spent his days revolting against the marine's and has recently come to the new world,his ambition is to erase the world government and the marine's and turn the world upside down
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