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dojo already did that.
TIL "one handed clap"

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Ok, just noticed this was from 2011, but still a good talk from the man himself.  Will JS finally get the mythical triangle-monocle-long-nose-mustache operator? Watch out Perl!

I had three outstanding questions after yesterday's awesome Angular talk by +Greg Kops.  Commentary by the informed, or speculation by the uninformed, is desired :)

* Client side rendering damages or outright breaks traditional SEO and machine readability of pages, and the long-standing Web model of URIs naming resources.  What facilities does Angular have to help here? 

* Web nerds have long considered validation of markup a useful property (I won't enumerate why here).  Using elements and attributes outside of the formal specs breaks this.  What's the Angular community's thoughts on this?

* Recently Google has gotten the reputation of dropping support for heavily used products that generate little revenue.  Of course this isn't limited to Google, but since they've done it with some high profile products recently I think it makes the question "is anyone worried about this happening to Angular?" not completely unreasonable.

From [ ]:  "Also, I think Jason's idea of finding a way to serve the underserved developers in the community is great. Maybe we could spin off a thread to focus on that?" - +Christopher Froehlich 

This seems like a good enough place as any to start that thread!  Let me first start by restating what I meant to say, since I think it differs a little bit from what Christopher wrote.  

Broadly, I'm interested in opening up the world of programming to people who would not otherwise be exposed to it, or who might feel it is out of their reach. The barrier to entry these days for becoming a programmer is remarkably low, but still nonzero. 

It could take the form of a simple introduction to the resources available on the web (sort of a bootstrap), mentorship, training, access to computers and the Internet or even something as complex as a nonprofit that provides low cost Web services as part of a training program.  And it certainly doesn't have to be limited to JS.

Frankly, I don't have the slightest idea of where to begin.  I know it's a lot more complicated than "build it and they will come".  How do we reach the right folks?  How do we design it for success?  I think the first step for me is to get introed to people in the community who have tackled similar problems outside the programming domain.

I talked to +Greg Kops about something similar a few years ago, but in the ensuing time I've come to terms with the fact that my motivation, for better or worse, is simply to see other people happy and successful with trying something new.  I had talked about it as a way to get more programmers to make the startup ecosystem here more vibrant and viable, but frankly that's just a desirable / nice side affect for me personally.

So... Thoughts?  Reactions?  Advice?  Connection?  I've got some stuff on my plate that might end up taking me out of the area in a month or so.  If that happens, this won't be happening any time soon for me.  I'll know more about that in the next few weeks.

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Good overview of Backbone & its philosophy.

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Hat tip to +Michal Kuklis, this is Eric Meyer's W3Conf talk on new layout and view features in HTML 5.

What this means: explicit native layout semantics in HTML 5 without need for endless CSS chicanery (floats, margins, etc).

See also:

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Huh, somehow I was not aware of this.  This is really powerful:

Not only can you mark properties as non-writable, but you can assign custom setters and getters, enabling custom behavior on property assignment or purely virtual properties.

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Hey guys it's already March and our next JS meetup is fast approaching.  We are going to be discussing our experiences with various javascript testing frameworks.  For what it's worth I put together a repo with a sample "app" and deck.js presentation with slides for test framework content.  I thought we could each write some sample tests and fill in a slide.  Let me know what you think of that idea, and feel free to fork or let me know if I missed you as a collaborator.
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