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Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy is amazing. Which of these other crash games do you want back(if you've played either of them)?
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Crash Team Racing
Crash Bash

I just watched a 3.5 hour livestream of chess.

Been playing a lot of Dark Souls 2. Made a pretty epic character with sorceries, a +8 Claymore and a Drangleic Shield and I am dominating bosses. I hope I will be able to defeat Looking Glass Knight. He's the one boss that gives me trouble.

I did it. I finally beat the Looking Glass Knight, and conquered Shrine of Amana. Now to go to Undead Crypt.

I played Oblivion for the first time ever. Is it weird that I liked it more than Skyrim. I guess it comes from my love of roleplaying games, but I really liked how the weapons worked. My only complaint is those faces.

What is my ideal game?

A sci-fi Post-apocalyptic game.

First a cutscene plays, then you can create your character. They can be male or female. They could have a scary face.

They start in their house, gather a few items, get dressed, then leave their house.

Then when you leave there is many quests you can do.

The ending would be about control over different factions(like Fallout 4)

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anyone want to join this community?

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I keep thinking about a really cool PS1 game I've played before called Jade Cocoon. I wish there was a remake or a Jade Cocoon 3.
If any of you have no idea what Jade Cocoon is, it's a game about being a man who goes into the wild and makes monsters fight each other, and captures enemies, so basically Pokemon. The controls are hard at first but it's still fun.
Do you guys have any PS1 nostalgia?


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What 2017 game are you most exited for?
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Star Wars Battlefront II
Destiny 2
All of the above
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Who's Nancy VanWinkle? Is she related to you Greyson?
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