Name: Riley Age:19 Symbiote: toxin (open rp) toxin is tearing through new york city when you...

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Name:Howard The Duck
Occupation: Beating bad guys and being at one with venom.
Origin:The smart mouthed cigar smoking duck. Who loves the ladies and hopes to get one who actually likes a talking duck.
New Alias:Venom Duck(not very thought through)
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Name: Hobart Brown
Age: 18
Symbiote: none
Origin: earth 138
Relationship status: single
Random fact: I lead a spider army against evil clones of venom.

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Name: Wade wilson

Age: 30

Symbiote Alias: Venompool

Relationship Status: Currently no affiliation,That means i dont bang.

Origin:Oh come on,Y'all know me.Deadpool,The merc with a mouth.Well,I was in a normal assasination mission to kill cletus kasady,Wich had the symbiote venom captured.
I fight with him,Y'know:"BANG BANG!SLICE!CUTTIN'"
and i get the symbiote venom with me.
And then i became....Deadvenom? Venompool? Yeah,Venompool sounds good. Coughs And then i became....VENOMPOOL!
...I hope there's a hot-symbiote-chick in here
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when I get back from my break I'll make my profile. Thanks for invite.

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Name: Quentin Beck (AKA Mysterio)
Age: 28
Symbiote: None
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: A former stuntman and Special effects artist, Quentin Beck decided to use his art to become a superhero. After being foiled by Spider-Man, Beck turned to a life of crime with the identity of Mysterio.
Current Information: Mysterio is still at large and has joined the Sinister Six and has made many allies, his technology improved as well.
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Name: Kayla Illiander

Age: 23

Symbiote Alias: Quarantine

Relationship Status: Currently no affiliation.

Origin: "Not much to tell you about me. Day by day I lived a normal, boring life. I was the girl you saw behind the counter at your local coffee shop, you know the type, the ones with a face that says...what did I do to deserve this job? Well, one night, that all turned around on me. Because that one night? I found..." A grotesque mass of Symbiotic tendrils transform me.
Current Information: I reside in apartment 4500 down main street. What happens, happens. I might just go on a joy ride soon...heheh.

Thank you for allowing me entrance. ^ ^

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Name:Eddie Brock
Symbiote Alias:Venom
Relationship Status:Single
Origin:I was a photographer at the Daily Bugle until Parker exposed me and one night the venom symbiote found me and now me and it are one. WE ARE VENOM!
Current Information(RP):i rule the world with symbiotes
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