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Superscript was just named a "Project We Love" by Kickstarter. Find out how Superscript will make writing comics easier at

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The Hasbro HASLAB Program Lets Collectors Partake in the Process

Crowdfunding has experienced immense success that can be observed with sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, so the Hasbro HASLAB has been created by the toy brand as a way to help bring the model to the collectible toy market.

The program works by enabling passionate fans to have their say in the development of collectible toys and models that might be a bit too niche for the mainstream market. This is observed with the new Star Wars Jabba's Sail Barge from Return of the Jedi that's being offered on the site for avid collectors to have their say.

The Hasbro HASLAB crowdfunding program shows immense potential as a space for collectible products to be test marketed, but could expand in the future for toys of all kinds.

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This Backpack Features Ergonomic Straps and an Expandable Interior

The 'Riviera' is a waterproof backpack that aims to offer a combination of style and ruggedness that makes it perfectly suited to being a great companion, whether one is exploring the great outdoors or navigating the urban jungle.

What's great about this waterproof backpack is the inclusion of ergonomic shoulder straps that make it exceptionally comfortable even if it is worn for long periods of time. The backpack also includes handles on its sides to provide flexible carrying options. The backpack's internal capacity can also be expanded between 20 and 30 kilograms, ensuring that one always has enough room for belongings.

Currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, this backpack is designed for people who don't want to rely on different bags for different environments and want a stylish and dependable solution for every situation.

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The 'UpCart City' is Designed for Compact Urban Moving Environments

The UpCart dolly was all the rage when it was first unveiled to the general public back in 2016, but the company is proving that it's not content to rest on its laurels, thanks to the introduction of the new and improved UpCart City stair-climbing dolly.

What's great about this particular stair-climbing dolly is the fact that it has been designed specifically to deal with the unique challenges of moving in urban environments. Anyone who has ever moved to a downtown apartment will know that cramped stairwells are part of the deal, which is precisely why the UpCart City comes with a compact form, as well as a folding mechanism that makes it easy to stow away when not in use.

Currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, this stair-climbing dolly makes moving and transporting objects up stairwells an absolute breeze.

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ARRIVAL Boasts a Round Acrylic Sound Shield for Better Audio

ARRIVAL is a crisp-sounding Bluetooth speaker that uses shape and good design to "reduce vibration noise, enhance low frequency and diffuse sound field evenly." The developers -- a group of architects, created the portable tech product to be simple, pure and powerful. ARRIVAL incorporates a small solid plexiglass-made piece that provides accurate energy release to counter lower frequency sound. Given the technicality and the smart design of the product, ARRIVAL retails at an absolutely accessible price on Kickstarter.

Minimalist in design and rich in functional capabilities, PIBA offers its professionally sounding Bluetooth speaker in two versions -- ARRIVAL and ARRIVAL PLUS. While the former is extremely convenient and space-preserving, the latter boasts a more rich sound and is catered to the audiophiles at heart.

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GOOD FOR KIDS' Smart Magnetic Doll Encourages Good Eating Choices

GOOD FOR KIDS, a socially responsible enterprise, recently launched The World’s First Healthy Eating Doll on Kickstarter as a smart magnetic doll to encourage wholesome food choices.

The World's First Healthy Eating Doll is paired with a picture book, as well as a set of wooden toys and a shopping bag. As the doll is magnetic, healthy foods like apples, blueberries and broccoli will stick to the mouth or hands of the toy, while others like lollipops will not. As such, the doll named Summer is said to know what is truly good for her health. In the accompanying picture book, Healthy Foods Are Fun to Eat, kids will find rhymes and vibrant illustrations made of fruits and vegetables.

GOOD FOR KIDS custom-printed The World's Largest Healthy Eating Picture Book in the world, which will be traveling to libraries, schools and children's museums to encourage healthy eating.

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Patches the #Cute #Squishy #Cat – Melts Your Stress Away!

Our #Cute #Squishy #Cat Toy helps you to avoid all the real-life #consequences of stress, #including #hypertension, lack of focus & insomnia.

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