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Name: Lucy
Age: 5,000
Gender: Female
Blood rank: grand highblood
Personality: can be sweet and caring or sassy and bitchy.
Species: demon
Likes: anything aggresive
Dislikes: liars.
Bio: i am the grand highblood, ruler of this place.
Weapon: swords
Secret weapon: (has a giant scythe)
Powers: can fly, has power fores, can teleport, excellent swords man
Kinks: aggressiveness
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waits for +Demonic Girl

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 Name: Hitari  

Age: 17 

Gender: female 

Personality: playful, cute, mysterious, stealthy, loves the outdoors, and flirtatious when she wants to be 

Species: demon fox

Bio: born in the tall grass she is the protector of crops for the people in her village; in exchange for the apples they bring over in their carts. though her good doings usually go unnoticed as she towns folk usually chase her away thinking she's a wolf.   

power : she has a animal form as well as a semi human form

Blood rank: low blood
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Name: Ituzuki
Age: 500
Gender: Male
Personality: Sadistic, Kind, Friendly
Species: Demonized Wargod
Bio: Ituzuki was a Wargod, who helped in the war to his prayers. After he spared an enemy, he found out, that this guy was actually a demon and suddently put a demonic parasyte in his body, that demonized his body. The 12 Elder Gods have banished Ituzuki from the holy lands and killed all of his prayers. Now he swears revenge to the Elder Gods and recreate the holy lands.
Blood rank: Mutant Blooded
Weapon: A Katana made of holy steel
Secret weapon: A Katana made of demonic steel
Likes: Prayers, a few gods, Poetry, interesting demons
Dislikes: The Elder Gods, Killing, Jackasses
Demonic Burst: Ituzuki can release all his demon energy to give himself a boost, that allows him to move faster and use stronger slashe's with both of his swords.
God's Requiem: Ituzuki can release all his god energy to regenerate himself fast and gaining great defence.
Dual Wielding: Ituzuki have the ability to use both of his demonic and holy swords and sync them together.
Masterful Swordman: Since he was a wargod, Ituzuki can use every swordskill, that he just know right now.

//Btw. "No Porn" Looks at the category hentia and rape ...ok.

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Name: Yona
Age: 1500
Gender: Female
Personality: Shy, Nice, Caring
Species: Shadow Demon
Bio: Yona was raised to serve people. As a young girl she was taught to never talk back. Also to always know her place. When she didn't listen she was hit and whipped. Because of this she has a fear of being hit. She didn't know her parents. She forgot most of her past because of tests they did on her.
Blood rank: Common
Weapon: Swords
Secret weapon: Scythe
Likes: Darkness, Peace,
Dislikes: Fighting, War, Being hit
Powers: She can control shadows to her will || When she sings it calms people and brings peace || She can create black flames ||


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My new form

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+Demonic Girl​ lets talk~ walks with her to her throne room i was thinking since u rule hell, and now im ur husband, we split hell in half, i control 1 half of hell while u control the other half, sound good? smiles
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