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Name/Sobriquet: Lullaby Fay Dewdrop or "Melody"
Age/Dob: 15, 06\21\99
Race: Pegasi
Powers: I can fly, but not really anything else.
Gender: Female
CM: I dont have one
Likes: Night time, the moon, the stars, water, fire, forests, animals,  meat, dragons, kind ponies.
Dislikes: Day time, the sun, strong wind, forest harvesters/forest harvesting, mean\rude ponies.
Bio: I live alone in a abandoned gem mine in the Everfree Forest alone, I did have a abusive family until i killed them all and sold there bodies to my old neighbor Pinkamena. My love for cute little animals is almost as strong as Fluttershy's but sometimes I just get so hungery and a lil rabbit seems like a reasonable meal, but i dont hunt for sport, ponies who do that make me sick. my best friend is a voodoo mare named Zecora who lives only a gem's throw away from me. and that about all the info I'll give.

HekhemIya! :3
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