Dewdrop went on to crystal beach and saw you

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Quote:"just cuz I'm small and I'm a girl dose not mean I'm weak"
Species:shiny manaphy
Moves:water shirikin,hydro pump,freeze dry,icebeam
Ability:water absorb
Likes: anything but bad things
Dislikes:bad things
Accessories:a silver charm necklace with a silver moon silver heart and silver snowflake
Personality:nice and kind but when she has to she will be mean
Bio:"I just hatched and I saw my siblings and parents! But just then I got caught in a current!I found myself here no where to go I hand nine siblings I wonder how they are?"

Um can I be a shiny manaphy plz

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since everyone was training i went underwater and i found 2 pokemon eggs under some rocks huh?..they both hatch one is a cubone and the other one is a totodile and i quickly grab them up to the surface ((open rp))
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Quote: "Sometimes, darkness is more powerful than the light."

Name: Moon
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Species: Geneon
Level: 54
Type Water and Dark
Moves: Night Slash - Dark Pulse - Flame Thrower - Inferno
Ability: Can see in the dark
Likes: Darkness, swimming and eating alot
Dislikes: Sunlight, and bullies
Personality: Friendly, shy, and protective when others get hurt by stronger pokemon
Accessories: Has a golden hoop earring on her left ear and an obsidian amulet.
Bio: Moon has been bullied by other pokemon because she evolved into a Water and Dark type. She had grew stronger and leveled up and fought back and eventually won. Whenever she sees other pokemon getting bullied, she helps them because she doesn't want to see another pokemon getting hurt. Except for the bullies, they deserve a lesson.

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Move set:hydro pump,
Flash canon,
Dragon pulse,
Likes:friends,strong Pokemon,food and the ocean.
Dislikes:bad Pokemon,bad friends,kelp and land.
Bio :as a horsea he was always bullied by other Pokemon,so he decided to become strong to not get bullied.he cried and cried until he decided to train.he began training and was getting stronger everyday he evolved into a seadra at a small age of 12.he finished school and was very educated,he kept training everyday even today si he could protect other people from getting bullied because he did not want them to suffer like he did.


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First post, and this is the calm mind spammer in online play. And Slowbro spams it too.

+ Ethan Lett Pokemon rp closed for him and 1 more person

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is underwater and some pokemon grabs me huh?! (Open rp)

+Dreaming Sap and Nutmeg Grovyle
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