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please make use of the satire section if you are going to make a joke, yes i know putting it in the rant section makes it better but it can be confusing as to whether something is a joke or the person is actually that dumb, i have met some very idiotic people in my lifetime, i don't to have to ban people even at a stage this early just because they made a joke, i want to see the people joking around seperated from the "retards"

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"Mommy Shaming" protects children from bad mothers.

Sometimes parents are wrong and all the children needs access to, in order to find out this information on their own, is access to a library or computer - which most children already have anyways. At some point, the children will learn that their parents made mistakes, and it's better that they learn younger, so that they can do more to avoid those same mistakes at earlier ages.

Any parent who cared more about their child's well-being than their own pride, would admit these things to their children themselves, not wanting their children to make the same mistakes and suffer the same consequences.

Just because a woman has the physical ability to get pregnant and become a mother, doesn't mean she should.
Just because a woman is a mother, doesn't make her a good, proper or responsible mother.

If we don't give men the benefit of the doubt for being "sperm donors", then why do we give women the benefit of the doubt for being "birth portals"?

When it comes to "mommy shaming", this is usually done because the people doing the shaming are putting the children first and "shaming mommy" for not doing the same. Some of them had mothers who did the same things but were never shamed for it and therefore never corrected their behavior, some of them are just well educated to the necessities of children.

Good mothers put their children 1st by seeing motherhood as a privilege and a responsibility, making their decisions accordingly.

Bad mothers are constantly looking for excuses and justifications to put their own wants and needs before their children's, looking for passes to "let loose" and/or "get away" from the responsibilities of motherhood.

Good mothers deserve to be praised.
Bad mothers deserve to be shamed.
Motherhood is not for every woman.

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The difference it makes between having political correctness or not is real, honest and open communication that keeps open the doors that brought us so many freedoms and liberties up to this point, or regressing and conforming to an emotionally fascist society that will tell you what you are allowed to think, what you are allowed to say, or eat and how you are allowed to dress, act, feel, etc.

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An article in the Chicago Tribune titled "Working toward a world where that Grace and Aziz date no longer happens", claims that "If any good is to come from the Aziz/Grace saga, we need to get comfortable hanging out in the gray area for a while — the area between 'lousy date' and 'sexual assault.'"

The idea that the problem here is some "gray area" between a “lousy date” and “sexual assault.” is disgraceful - to women, to men and to our society.

The real problem here is somewhere between "personal accountability" and "maturity".

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I saw an anti-sjw-cringe blog on tumblr. They claim they are not sjws when they are sjws in denial.

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Do you think the wave of sexual allegations are an epic 'discovery' of covered-up criminal behavior or a witch hunt against men in positions of power and influence? Are you at all suspicious about the timing of the accusations, the quantity of accusations and most importantly, the details of the accusations?

If it's an epic 'discovery' of covered-up criminal behavior, this might suggest:

- Women are not ready for equality as most of these women didn't speak out at the time, nor even for decades afterwards until it became a trend to do so.

- Women and men have lost a significant ability to communicate with each other. Whether it gets blamed on men's attraction to women or women's ignorance of basic professional standards and/or romantic signals, clearly men and women aren't on the same page.

And when are we going to get to the issue of how women sexually harass men in the workplace? Will those women be equally publicly ostracized? Don't forget to look at all of those female teachers who are molesting and raping children in school....

If it's a witch hunt against men in positions of power and influence, this might suggest:

- Women are no longer interested in romantic relations with men and want to teach men to never ever try to kiss a woman without asking first or ever ask a woman out on a date first or ever give a woman a compliment about her looks that he isn't related to or already dating.

- Feminism has too much money from Hillary losing the election and is now using that money to single out men to attack individually, rather than paying Hillary for laws that attack the entire group of men.

Regardless of what you think about the wave of accusations, it's important to pay attention to the details. Some of these aren't accusations of any criminal behavior at all. Some of these are just petty complaints about innocent mistakes. Some of these situations are described as dates where nothing out of the ordinary happened. Some of these situations are presented with so many holes in the story and details omitted, a logical person can't help but be suspicious and question the validity of the relevant accusation.

It is not victim-shaming or blaming to want answers and want real justice. It's not excusing the crime to follow the motto of "innocent until proven guilty". It IS sexist though, to automatically believe someone just because the person giving the accusation is a woman or the person being accused is a man.

Many men are falsely accused for a multitude of reasons and some women have made LOTS of money this way. Destroying men's lives and/or careers shouldn't be a career. Men can be victims too - in more ways than one.

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Many women complain that the workplace hasn't come far enough in terms of accommodating women. Part of this is the result of Feminism pressuring men and women to abandon the gender roles they chose throughout evolution and go against their own nature.

Sex differences in personality traits are larger in prosperous, healthy, and egalitarian cultures in which women have more opportunities equal with those of men.

Unfortunately, Feminism has spent the last 50 years or so, insisting that women and men are not only equal, but the same, and should be 50/50 across the board. We now know that Feminism is wrong; men and women are different, not the same, yet can still be "equal" under the law, regardless.

Indoctrinating women in this false belief has led to an array of problems for women, particularly where the workplace is concerned.
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