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Name: princess lexi
Age: 17
Role play mom: princess Ariel
Role play dad: prince Eric
Role play sister: melody
Uncle: king trition
Crush: not yet
Daughter of Ariel
Are you royal or rebel?: royal
Magic power: turning into a mermaid and I use my magic to help my friends
My destiny: I would have to follow my mom's destiny by saving someone from drowning in the water
Roommate: not yet
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Phoebe walked into the halls of Ever After High for the first time. She was nervous, but she was ready to become like her father and build the brick house that saves her family from the Big Bad Wolf. All she had to do was get through two years of high school for the children of story book characters. That's when she noticed someone walk up to her.

(Open RP)

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Name: Pheobella Pig (Phoebe for Short)

Parent: The Third Little Pig

Parent's Story: The Three Little Pigs

Royal or Rebel: Royal, I happen to like my part in the story.

Secret Heart's Desire: To be the greatest builder in all of Ever After

My "Magic" Touch: I can build great statues and houses

Storybook Romance Status: No one has caught my eye yet

"Oh Curses!" Moment: Getting scared when someone mentions a wolf. That just makes the hair on my chinny, chin, chin stand on end.

Favorite Subject: All except for one

Least Favorite Subject: Grimm-nastics

Best Friends Forever After: None yet. I seem to have trouble making friends

Appearance: (see photo below)

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Hi everyone, I'm Raisa Beauty!

Name: Raisa Beauty
Child of: Rosabella Beauty
Parent Story: Beauty and the Beast
Side (Royal or Rebel): Rebel
Roommate: N/A
Storybook Romance Status: N/A
My Magic Touch: I can see people's true natures just like my mother

Winter: is walking in the hall

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Name: Rachel Wood
Child of: Cedar Wood
Parent story: Pinocchio
Age: 15
Side( royal or rebel): rebel
Roommate: Winter Wonderland
Storybook Romance status: not yet
My magic touch: Never lied
Oh curses moment: When I lie my nose will be long
Favorite subject: Music
Least favorite subject: Science and Sorcery class
BFFA: I never thought about that


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Profile information:
Name: Eva queen
Nickname: Zelda
Age: 16
School: ever after high academy
My mom: evil queen
My sister: raven queen
Roommate: not yet
Magic power: I used my magic to help people
Crush: not yet
My density: I want to make my own happily ever after instead of giving Apple white a position Apple
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Name - Winter wonderland

Side royal or rebel - royal

Child of- Bunny blanc and Alistair wonderland


Parents story - Alice Adventures In Wonderland

Powerful qualities - just like my mom lucky , Dependable, and Considerate

Roommate - Rachel wood

Secret heart desire - No matter what rabbit hole life put me in , I always make time for people that I care about

Magic touch - just like my mom I can change in to a bunny and change back into a human when ever I want and my magic energy is love

Story book romance - not yet

Oh curses moment - I have no sense of direction like my grandpa but I always arrive at my destination On time like my mom

Favorite subject - muse-ic

Lest favorite subject- geografairy

BFFA- , Liza Hearts

What your Character should have before roleplaying

Child of:
Parent story:
Side( royal or rebel):
Storybook Romance status:
My magic touch:
Oh curses moment:
Favorite subject:
Least favorite subject:
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