Since it is the holiday season, which flavor do you prefer?


I have been on a smoothie kick lately and gave myself a challenge in December to have a smoothie 20/31 mornings. 

What is your favorite thing to put in a smoothie?

Do you drink coffee? If so what do you put in it?

My brother just told me he decided to stop drinking coffee because he wanted to decrease the amount of artificial sweeteners and other crap (my words) in those fat free creamers. 

I don't think I could give up coffee but I only use half and half and the occasional spoonful of coconut oil. And I switched to organic coffee since I have several cups each morning. 

I was so excited. I just read that the FDA will require honey producers that add extra sweeteners to call their honey a "blend". Then the last paragraph said that they were "guidelines and not mandatory." So what is to stop companies from still saying their product is honey if there is no enforcement? sigh

I don't if anyone watches shark tank, but there was a guy on there who makes protein bars using cricket flour! Would you ever eat cricket flour?

I was writing a post the other day about ingredients and it got me thinking. . .
What is one ingredient you always avoid? What is one ingredient you try to avoid but know it slips in often?
For me I am pretty good at avoiding HFCS.
I wish I was better at avoiding soy. 

Would you rather eat white sourdough bread, or whole wheat non-sourdough bread?

I just found grass-fed, non homogenized milk in our grocery store. I am so excited. I would love to get raw milk, but being in NJ it is illegal. Therefore I have to go into PA to get it.  This is the next best thing.

Do you drink raw milk?

So I just found out this week that quinoa is related to spinach in that they are both part of the cephalopod family. Go figure!

Lately, I have been on a minimalism/simplicity kick and have decided to decrease the ingredients in my kitchen to just 100. Which means if I buy a packaged food, the ingredients must fall within that 100. I am even counting herbs and spices. 

So what would your herb/spice must list be?
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