The recent book from Nick Lane to me is truly incredible. I have never read such deep analyses of the questions that he deals with. In many cases he may be right.
Very intriguing that life can start easily, but multicellularity may be very rare. Thanks for bringing has work to this Group.

Nick Lane posits that life started in hydrothermal vents deap-sea smokers. He showed an inorganic pore with an inorganic wall that catalyze a reaction similar to a reaction in an autotropic cell. But does that help us anything in undestanding how life arose? Could this reaction have been copied, or should we believe that life started in inorganic pores that gave it energy? Is there more information about research in this field?

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A marvelous lecture by Nick Lane about the origin of life and of eukaryotes
A marvelous recent lecture by Nick Lane about the origin of life and of eukaryotes

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Anybody know of any implications the latest theory about how the moon was formed may have for Origin of Life theories?

Twee boeken van Nessa Carey: "The Epigenetics Revolution" en "Junk DNA". Wat is zij een geweldig schrijver en wat een interessante inhoud. Ze neemt je mee op een reis, en identificeert ook de vragen die opkomen bij de lezer, dan wel de vragen waar onderzoekers mee geconfronteerd werden cq worden. Sterk aanbevolen!

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For the second time I read the book "gen.e.sis", written by Robert M. Hazen. It is a faascinating overview of all of the origin work up to 2004. Top-down research on fossils or molecular remnants of biological molecules, as well as bottom-up research on formation of the characteristics of living organisms. A must read. However, it was published in 2005. Does anyone know of a recent book or publication that covers the last decade of research?
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