Christmas is approaching, the day is falling, night is rising, You and your 2 friends are going to the ice cream shop to meet a friend. The Friend was blond, 1 green eye and 1 blue eye. Something was peculiar about him but that didn't bother anyone. Suddenly, the ice cream man comes out saying closing time. You and your 3 friends go to the door and open it. But it closes back on you and locks by its self. You try to break through the glass door, it cracks and then the cracks disappear. You try to find another exit but there was no other way. You hear the floor creak, but no one was in motion.

"What the hell is this!?" Said the ice cream man. You try to to calm everyone down but they panic, your friend sits on the chair your other friends it's on the table and your other friend is still banging on the window. Someone passes through the glass window you try to call for help but they can't hear you for some reason. What do you think you should do?

ATTENTION! Horror Fest for Christmas is coming soon, make a horror RPG related Christmas.

heyyy..thanx "da great chase" for tha invite looking forward to a good time
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