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Here's the morning's assignment:  

Students -- Your job is to initiate the discussion.  To really engage the others in a conversation about our responsibility to others.  Are we the father in the poem or the college students in Wharton School of Business?

1.  Work at having everyone speak.
2.  Keep your ears and eyes open for a leader/speaker/presenter.
3.  Push the group toward a conclusion.  
4.  Solicit feedback for wording.
5.  Brainstorm ideas for images.
6.  Post Slide Show to Google Classroom.  

Faculty -- your job is to coach the coaches.  Push the conversation if it needs to be pushed.  Remind the student coaches that they have a product due in 20 minutes.   Shepherd the group back into the Lecture Hall on time.  
Open House Assignment
Open House Assignment
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